Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Moss Stitch Crocheted Afghan

 We arrived back home yesterday
from our quick trip to Utah.
Beautiful tributes were offered to our dear Uncle,
and we were able to visit
with many family members
that we haven't seen in years.
In our grief, we also feel
the joy of connection with family
 that often accompanies a funeral.
 Mr. Cactus and I decided to make the long drive from our home in Arizona
to Northern Utah
in order to make a stop off 
in Southern Utah.
We checked on our home in St. George
and enjoyed an overnight stay with family.
In just a few short days 
we put in a lot of miles.
I knew I needed something to keep my hands busy
during the long drive
so I grabbed a stack of left over yarn
before we headed out the door.
 Working the 
Moss Stitch
I started crocheting an 
easy to do afghan.
 I've always loved scrap quilts,
and I'm pleased with how this
afghan is turning out 
using a wide variety of colors
of leftover yarn.
 I'm at a beginner level in crochet,
and the Moss Stitch is an easy one to do.
The only skill required is a 
chain stitch and single crochet.
 I alternated colors with each row.
There are a lot of tails still to be woven in :)
 Using a 5.5 crochet hook,
I chained 250 for the base,
which makes the width about 61 inches.
I'm not sure what the length will end up.
It may be determined by how 
much yarn I have left!
*I'll keep you posted.
There are a lot of  easy to follow
 You-tube tutorials
 that teach the
Moss Stitch
(also known as the Seed Stitch or Granite Stitch)
Lisa from All Free Crochet helped get me started:


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Hi Nedra, sounds like a nice trip! Love the scrap afghan too! That Moss Stitch is the same as my favorite Woven Stitch, and so great for using up scraps and not having to think about following a pattern! This could be a work in progress over many years as you get leftovers from other projects! You can also leave those ends loose and just make them part of your fringe when you are finished! Anything to save weaving in ends :)


Abby and Stephanie said...


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I'm glad your trip went well and you were able to visit with family. that is always the plus side of funerals.

em's scrapbag said...

I love your scrappy afghan. Thanks for including the link for a tute.

life in red shoes said...

Great idea, I love it!

Nat Palaskas said...

Nedra, sorry for your loss. You are like me. Never let time wasted for a minute. Love the Afghan you knitted. Good way to used up leftover yarns - Hugs

fiberchick said...

How nice for you to see family although I'm sorry it was for such a sad occasion. Your afghan is just stunning. You've inspired me to learn moss stitch!

Cindy said...

My Mom is a very accomplished crocheter (is that a word??), she often crochets alter cloths for the Mt. Timp Temple. Mom and her sister (Aunt Letha) are in chaarge of all the alter cloths at the temple. They go every Monday and check the cloths making sure they are in good shape. The launder and starch them when necessary.
So Nedra keep crocheting--you just never know where your hobby will take you! Love the afghan. my Grandma (mom's mother) gave me a beautiful afghan for a wedding gift. I chose a beautiful 'scrappy' one. I still love it.
Sorry, to much info. Your post just brought a flood of memories!