Sunday, April 28, 2013

Uncle Lincoln

We are in Utah 
for the funeral of
our dear Uncle
 Lincoln Boam Sorensen
It's always hard to
say goodbye
to someone
who's kindness and influence
 made this world 
a much better place.
Godspeed on your new journey
Uncle Lincoln.
Until we meet again.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sorry for your loss but good that you will be able to visit with family and share stories - if there is one highlight of funerals is sharing stories of the departed

dream quilt create said...

I'm sorry that you have lost someone dear to you. Enjoy all of your many sweet memories of him, and being with family.

Needled Mom said...

I'm so sorry. It is always hard to say "goodbye" to someone who has meant so much to us.

Janet O. said...

Love this thought!
So sorry for your loss!

Lois Evensen said...

Aw, I'm sorry for your loss. Your post is a beautiful tribute.

Lurline said...

So sad ... a little ray of sunshine has beamed though! When I was seven, my big brother who was nine made the transition through a brain tumour - I loved him so much and still believe he is looking down from one of those stars.
Hugs - Lurline!

Brenda said...

Sorry for your loss, that is a beautiful quote thank you for sharing.

Kris said...

Oh, Nedra - I am sad for you that your Uncle is gone!! Today is the first anniversary of my Dad's journey to Heaven!! It's so much harder for us left down here, isn't it? Where in Northern Utah were you?? My next door neighbors here in Logan are Sorensons - I wonder if they are related?? I love your moss stitch afgan - I'm going to have to try that one!! Glad you got home safely!!!