Saturday, April 27, 2013

Omigosh Quilt

 Several years ago my friend Judi
asked me if I wanted to make the
Omigosh Quilt
with her.
 15,000 pieces
with mostly
1/2-inch squares.
Aptly named!
This is a scrappy quilt,
and I am all about using up my scraps.
But, it took me about 10 seconds 
to admit this was not a project
I was prepared to tackle.
At least not yet.
I do hold on to the pattern and look at it fondly
 from time to time.
Someday I would like to make this quilt :)
 I love seeing the works of those
who have accepted the 
Omigosh challenge.
A Million Tiny Pieces
by Joan McNamara
shown at the 
Arizona Quilters Guild Show
 Machine quilted by
Jessica (Jones) Gamez
 If you break the blocks down into
little tiny sections 
it does look kind of doable.
 Joan won a 3rd place ribbon
in the Pieced Large category.
I think she deserves an additional
"A" for effort.
Original Omigosh pattern by Sue Garman
can be found at 
Quakertown Quilts


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I know I have seen this quilt pattern before - amazing work - 1/2 inch squares finished size sure are small!

Sherrill said...

The shop is actually Quakertown not Quack! LOL

Cindy said...

Very beautiful quilts! I will admire them, yes. But Omigosh is probably not on my bucket list!

•stephanie• said...

instead of OMG, i would like to call this quilt WOW!

dream quilt create said...

What a gorgeous quilt! I remember seeing that quilt at Broadbents many years ago. I thought to myself, "oh my gosh!" Look at all the little pieces in that quilt!!! I never forgot the name if that quilt, it was amazing! Definitely made an impact on me :)

Carol said...

I love that's been on my "Someday" list for a very long time. It truly is an amazing quilt.

Laren said...

I felt the same way - loved the pattern it waaaay too many pieces. So I scaled up the blocks to 9" finished. I did it in 1800's reports and really scrappy. I started it earlier this year and finished last week. I just posted about it on my blog. I stand in awe of those how did it at the original size.