Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cowgirl's Scrapbook Quilt

 Sometimes you see a quilt
that just makes you smile :)
Cowgirl's Scrapbook
was that kind of quilt for me.
Currently being shown 
at the Sharlot Hall Museum
in Prescott, Arizona
 By Lorraine Owens
Chino, Arizona
 Lorraine wrote:
"Cowgirl's Scrapbook was inspired by all the women
I have ridden horses with
throughout the state of Arizona."
"A lot of them are ranch girls
that grew up on the back of a horse,
and some like me dreamed of being on a ranch,
but grew up in the big city."
 "I wanted to create something to 
remember them all by 
and their friendship was the inspiration 
for this quilt."
 Isn't it interesting that
no matter our background,
whether we are a ranch girl
or city girl,
we still feel the need to create and
memorialize through quilting.
Ye Haw!
Sunglasses, earrings and cowgirl hats
What fun girlfriends!


Mary said...

What a great quilt. Love how you personalized each of them.

Brenda said...

Love that quilt!!!!

em's scrapbag said...

Such a fun quilt!

Pots and Pins said...

This is such a great quilt!! So glad you took pics for us to see! Happy belated Mother's Day!