Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jewish I Spy Quilt

One of my most favorite quilts that Ferne Zabezensky shared with us during her Jewish Quilting presentation was an I-Spy quilt.

Using many of the 100+ fabrics containing Jewish symbols Ferne has collected, this quilt is unique and a true labor of love.

Novelty fabrics featuring the Menorah, Star of David, lions, Torah, crowns, goblets, doves, bird nests, Jerusalem, dreidels, and gelt (to name a few).

Isn't this a wonderful way to share and teach faith to children?
While they look to find the matching picture within the quilt, allows a perfect opportunity to teach the meanings within the symbols.

An I-Spy quilt can be applied towards representation of many faiths and beliefs.
After meeting Ferne, I have begun looking at novelty prints in a whole new way.
I will now be aware of Jewish symbolic fabrics, and wonder if Ferne has this particular piece.(probably so!)
And I would like to start collecting symbols in fabrics that represent my values and faith.


Abby and Stephanie said...

A wonderful use of "novelty" fabrics.

Lynette said...

OK, now, this is really cool

Lynn said...

You did a wonderful job of sharing Ferne's presentation to us. I know I learned a lot. I enjoyed reading your comments. I think my favorite also was the I Spy. I have made several for grandkids.

Michele said...

What an interesting quilt!

Lois Evensen said...

How beautiful! Mazel tov to the maker. :)

•stephanie• said...

an "i spy" quilt with a theme is a fabulous idea.
i love it!
they are truly a labor of love.
i wasn't sure what i was getting into when i decided to make one for my grandkids.
probably the most i've ever spent on a quilt!
collecting all those fabrics can break the bank.
but, the smiles are totally worth it.

Material Mary said...

Such an artistic approach to display symbols and the quilt.

Nat Palaskas said...

It looks stunning. What a great quilt! Hugs Nat

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Wow I love this series of posts on Jewish quilting Nedra.