Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scottie Dog Embroidery

I admit, I have not embroidered much.
After seeing so many sites where stitchery has been combined with quilting, I've felt inspired to give it a try.

My first completed block is a Scottie Dog.

Inspiration came from Lynn Miller's quilt where she sewed vintage dresser scarves and embroidered linens into a grouping.
I love this quilt!

I have looked high and low for duplicates for these kinds of vintage patterns.
Not much out there on the Internet.
Nice readers have left me comments and sent me a few leads. (thank you!)

I really wanted to make some Scottie Dogs most of all.
I found this pattern at Needlecrafter.com under their Vintage section.
A lot more simplistic of a pattern, which is probably the best place for me to start.

A good place to brush up on a few stitchery skills.

In fact, I felt a little brave just taking a close up shot.

I'll keep practicing.

I've started collecting more vintage patterns from Needlecrafter and other sites, and would appreciate any leads to Scottie Dog patterns.


~Niki~ said...



here are a couple i found just with a quick search~

Martha said...

Really Cute!! I like the idea of making a quilt out of dresser scarves. It has been a long time since I embroidered anything.

Nanette Merrill said...

One of these days I'm going to be an embroiderer. Until then I'll just watch from the sidelines. I love it, but I need more practice. The vintage designs are so cute.

life in red shoes said...

You're doing great!

Material Mary said...

Your embroidery is marvelous. Keep it up. I find it so relaxing and it adds a new dimension to quilts. Enjoy.

Michelle McCright said...

Your embroidery looks great. Keep practicing. I always have a little handwork going. It's something to do while watching television.

Dolores said...





I hope this keeps you busy for a while. If you scroll through the last link, you will find more scotties and or dogs, cats, etc.

Dolores said...


another one.

Sharrieboberry said...


Maybe some coloring pages? Here's a scotty.

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Julia Robert said...
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Julia Robert said...
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Julia Robert said...

What a great work of embroidery digitizing Nedra... I love this simple and amazing Scottie Dog Embroidery.. love it..! Thanks..