Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Art of Quilting Show

The main reason I went to the Gilbert Historical Museum the other day was to view The Art of Quilting show, featuring "Domestic Art from the Thrifty 30's"
This is the 6th year the museum has sponsored this show, which runs every year from March through May.
A call is put out to the community to bring in quilts, and anyone may participate. I was impressed with the response, with a large showing through out most of the buildings of the museum.

The Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt is the first quilt I made, and they have always caught my eye.
So many varieties and settings.
The above quilt (C1950) was one of the raffle quilts. The hand pieced top was generously donated by an anonymous doner. The hand quilting was then completed by the Quilters of the Gilbert Historical Museum.

The drawing is May 31st, so if you are interested in this raffle you may call the museum at 480-926-1577

Another GFG was so old and delicate that it was placed in a glass case.

I'm not sure of the story behind this quilt, but you can see how fragile the fabrics and stitching appears.

I thought this was a rather unique GFG. You can see that the hexagons have not been place together to look like the traditional flowers.

Shown by Phyllis Rocha, the hexagons were given to her sister in the 1970's. Phyllis inherited the pieces, and was taught by the Hand Quilters of the museum how to put them into a quilt.

Putting yellows and grays together are popular color combinations in today's fabrics. Another example of what is old becomes new again.

You can see that the random "flowers" were laid upon the green backing and appliqued down. Again, another unique setting for a GFG.

I really loved the vintage nature of so many of the quilts in the show.

I took quite a few pictures, and will continue to share in the next few days.


Unknown said...

I love this collection of GFG's! I am amazed that it is in the Gilbert Museum too. Fantastic!

Material Mary said...

Oh how I love antique things. They warm my heart. Enjoy your time at the museum.

Desley said...

Lovely quilts. Thank you for sharing.

Cindy said...

Wow, these GFG quilts give me hope and encouragement. They are so beautiful. Mine is growing daily.