Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dixie Diva September Day Meeting/ aka Girl Fight

Have I mentioned that our group is called the "Dixie Diva's"? Well today the divaish really came out. We hadn't been there 5 minutes when Margaret and Ricci started a girl fight. I'm not sure what all the fuss was all about. Something about who gets to be "The Queen" I think. Anyway, it wasn't pretty. We just all stood around and let them go at it.

Fortunately Jan J. arrived late, and brought her show and tell. If it wasn't for that diversion, I don't know how long the hysterics might have gone on.
(In case you think I'm serious, this was all staged, and these women are the best of friends. We did have quite a serious discussion though on who has the weirdest shaped tongue. We are a deep group, very very deep).

On to Jan J.'s latest Halloween show and tell.

This month I am high-lighting Bev's quilt room. Actually quilt "rooms". They go on and on, and yes we are all jealous.

This end of the room holds how many machines? Most of us don't even have to bring our own machines when we sew at Bev's house. We just plop ourselves in front of one of hers.

The other end of the room is where she does her long arm quilting.

Then another room houses all her fabric, along with another cutting table.

I loved her organizational idea of turning plastic containers on end to stack fat quarters.

Bev even has cute bulletin boards. What inspiration!

Bev is making two (two!) block of the month quilts from Quilted Works. As if one wasn't going to be painful enough, she wanted two color ways. She's even adding extra borders that are not on the original pattern. We discussed in great detail today that we consider her very ill, realizing we each have very little room to talk. As we say in our family: "We all have our sickening little ways!"

Some of the quilts around Bev's house.

She quilts these too.

And wins lots of awards.
I still can't believe they let me sit by them.
This spinning wheel looks very old.

Today for our meeting Margaret taught us how to make the "Spicy Spiral" table runners. First you start with a strata.

Then use a fancy ruler to cut out the shapes.

What to do with the left over fabric scraps? Margaret was designing a new skirt. Those Diva's! As if the skirt wasn't embarrasing enough, the dance was down right shameful!

Ricci got the farthest putting her spiral together.

Love those fall colors.


Abby and Stephanie said...

What we all wouldn't do to have a space as big as Bev's and oh so organized, neat and clean! Your Dixie Diva's are some mightly talented gals!

Nanette Merrill said...

Nedra its a little like going to heaven where quilting is queen looking at Bev's rooms. And your group is so fun. I wish my sister quilted, I'd hook her up with you but she's the most untalented person with her hands. You have so much fun. I love seeing what your group does. My kids tell me I have the longest tongue they've ever seen. Isn't that a great thing to be endowed with.

Cathie in UT said...

Your group is so great...I love that I get to "visit" your member's homes and see what is up down south.
Love the table runner and I will have to share a pic with my group if that is OK!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just came upon your blog amd was wondering where you gals purchased the pattern for the Spicy Spiral table runner. Have googled with not much luck. Many thanks for your response. Love your blog!!