Thursday, April 25, 2013

Those Mesa Ladies and Their Quilts

 Once a month I meet with a
little quilt group out in Mesa.
Those Mesa Ladies
are so much fun to be with!
They provide a wonderful lunch
and we spend a few hours 
quilting away
and yabbering.
I truly don't know what we enjoy the most:
the quilting
or the eating
or the yabbering.
It's probably the mix of all 3 that makes for such a delightful day.
 Peg just got her 
4th of July Pinwheels
back from the quilter.
 Oh, my stars!
Such beautiful quilting!
 Peg was so happy with the final result.
 Karen worked on binding 
a quilt for a new grandson.
 A great Chevron pattern
 Amanda just got her
back from the quilter
 This is a fun raw edge pattern
that works up quickly
Amanda will toss it in the wash
and once it's dried, the edges will fray up and 
become more 3-dimensional.
 Peg was laying out her latest
Work In Progress
This is such a fun idea Peg organized 
as part of a family reunion.
She asked each family to bring a yard
of Kaffe Fassett fabric
cut into squares.
They traded fabrics with each other
at last years reunion,
and were challenged to go home and 
sew them into a quilt.
They are to bring the finished quilt back to this year's reunion.
Each one will be different,
but all will contain the Kaffe squares.
Now, THAT sounds
like my kind of family reunion.


em's scrapbag said...

Those Mesa ladies are quite talented. I love the pinwheel quilt and the Kaffe idea for a family reunion is so fun.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

quilting, eating and talking sounds great to me! I have a pinwheel quilt I need to get quilted one day!

Cindy said...

What beautiful quilts--I especially love the chevron quilt--wouldn't that be fun for the boys!