Saturday, June 25, 2011

Marie Bostwick Quilt Novels

Old habits are hard to break.
As I was growing up, summer was the best of time to find stacks of fun books to read.
Not the serious types of books required for classes at school, but the kind that took you away to a happy, carefree place.
Summer continues to be the time I indulge myself in discovering that list of books that I just never seem to get to in the winter.
I especially appreciate the recommendation of books from my friends.

When my friend Jackie (Canton Village Works) recommended the quilt novels written by her friend and New York Times Best Selling Author Marie Bostwick, I took note.
Fortunately my local library carries most of her books.
I've just completed the first 3 from Cobbled Court Quilt Circle series.
It was fun to escape for a little while into the lives of quilters who band together through a quilt shop in New Bern, Connecticut.
Each woman deals with her own challenges and I most appreciated Marie's inclusion of faith and God in telling her stories.
"A SINGLE THREAD tells of a displaced Texas homemaker who moves to Connecticut and pursues her dream of opening a quilt shop. But, on the day the shop opens, the owner discovers she has breast cancer. She survives, with the loving help of her friends."

"A THREAD OF TRUTH deals with the serious issue of domestic abuse in a positive, uplifting, hopeful manner. It helps to remind us all that accepting help from people who care can make it possible for anyone, no matter how bleak their situation may look, to triumph over adversity."

"A THREAD SO THIN, which addresses the struggle a young woman makes between marriage and career and the downstream impact of her decisions."

"Today Marie lives in Connecticut with Brad, her husband of twenty-eight years, and their one son still in high school. When not writing or volunteering for her church, she enjoys quilting, watching movies and sipping tea on the front porch with her friends and spending time with her family."
You can learn more about Marie's books on her web site.


Carol said...

I've read the first one but not the other 2...will have to get them on my Kindle for my week at the beach. Thank you!

Chartreuse Moose said...

Thank you for your lovely blog post! I also have only read the first will search for the other two!

Sara said...

I just finished the newest one. Thread the Needle. I have loved them all.

Unknown said...

Have you been able to read her newest one? You will love it!! Someday you must just try to meet her. I know you will love her.