Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Here in the United States we celebrate the first Monday in September as Labor Day. Known as a day of rest and parties, Labor Day is also symbolic of the end of summer.
With a long weekend free from work, Mr. Cactus and I headed to Phoenix to be with our family.

As we pulled into our daughter's house late Saturday night, the guest bedroom was decorated with greetings from our 5 year old grandson Isaak.

Better than a Van Gogh in my opinion.

"papa! papa! papa!"
Our daughter Amy and SIL Dano spoil us completely with wonderful meals, and fun activities.

But of course the biggest draw for us is to kiss on little cheeks, and nuzzle soft baby necks.

Noah came down with a bad fever and cold, but he's still been such a sweet boy.
I've stayed home with him while he rested on the couch, and we read lots of books.

While Isaak went with the rest of the family to the Hall of Fame Fire Museum.
However you spent Labor Day, I hope it was a day of relaxation with family and friends.


Nat Palaskas said...

Happy Labor Day Nedra, how wonderful for you to spend it with your grandchildren. They are all so very cute! We spent a couple weekends ago with our only DGD and I know what you meant about the kisses and cuddles - never have enough of them - Hugs Nat

Carol said...

What a perfect Labor Day! They are getting so grown up. OMG! Beautiful children!

Truffle queen said...

I bet there is an "automatic" route that your car takes to AZ! What beautiful children - all three! Have a safe trip home!

Material Mary said...

Those grandkids are adorable. I would spend as much time as you do with them. Darling...

Gayle said...

How nice that you got to go for a visit Nedra! Our first grandbaby should be here in about a week - can you say EXCITED?

We went to Swiss Days over the weekend and I got to see Katie Hughes! That was a real treat!

Nanette Merrill said...

Have fun. Thinking of you.

Linda said...

There's nothing like Grandma time. Your grandbabies are beautiful.

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

How fabulous to see your adorable family. I have a son named Isaac, just a slight difference in spelling! Great name I think!!! xo