Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

One of my favorite sites to follow on my side bar is Our Best Bites. Sara and Kate write "Tips, Tricks, Tastes from Two Real Life Kitchens".
I love their posts because they are practical, and showcase things I could actually make.
Recently, Sara did a tutorial on how to make Silk Dyed Easter Eggs.

We have a tradition of dying Easter Eggs every year, and I thought I had tried them all. But this was a new technique for me.

Sara collects old silk ties and uses them for the base of the dye.
How cool is that?
With my new found interest in hunting thrift shops, guess who is going to have silk ties on the list?


Jana said...

That is amazing! Never heard of dying an egg like that before. So many creative people in this world, isn't there?!

Micki said...

I never heard of a technique like that, and I really loved it!

Rae Ann said...

I love it! I hope that you won't be cussing me someday when you have a houseful of treasures from the thrift stores and no room for anything else.
I did run into my buddy that does the antiques for a living. He is looking for some more sewing baskets like I got.... the one I posted just recently. Let me know if you would like one!
Love the eggs. Thanks for sharing! I have bookmarked them!

Unknown said...

That is such a neat technique. Something I have never seen before. It just amazes me the creativity of people.

Nanette Merrill said...

Wow that is something I never heard of before. I look forward to seeing you dye eggs every year since i stopped doing it several years ago. Now with Allison around I'll have to start up in a few years.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Very pretty egg. Those will make a beautiful basket of Easter eggs.