Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rae Ann's Retreat

If any of you follow the blogs on my sidebar, you might have seen Rae Ann of Cutie Pinwheel. Rae Ann and several of her girlfriends from Northern Utah are here in St. George for a quilt retreat.

This picture is So Rae Ann: Full of energy and spunk, a lover of people, and she's usually doing several things at one time. I caught her today trying to talk to two people at the same time on cell phones. Definitely a Kodak Moment.

Judi, Rae Ann, Susann and Jackie
My girlfriend Judi is also good friends with Rae Ann, and even though she just went back home a few days ago, she has returned for the retreat.
We have had a lot of fun together the last few days. I gave everyone a tour of Superior Threads.

Before shopping in the warehouse, I took them upstairs to see the new addition to Superior Threads building. This is the Bernina Room, where participants take classes at the School of Threadology.
After seeing the facilities, the ladies all want to come back for a session at the School. (Judi is already an official Threadology graduate).

And of course we had to visit a quilt store while we were out and about.

The retreat is being held at a beautiful home here in St. George. Everyone has their machines set up and we have been sewing away.

Susann knows the art of display.

Look at this wonderful scrapbook station in the basement kitchen.

I love this chick table runner in the upstairs kitchen.

Rae Ann finished a Schnibbles Valentine quilt.

Judi is known for her healthy and delicious food. She prepared the most wonderful dinner for our group. The ladies will be here until Saturday, and I will show you more of the quilts they are working on at a later date.


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

All right, you girls are having way to much fun!! and you are even getting things done!! yippee!!!

Material Mary said...

What a fun time you are having. To be a mouse in your pocket -- it would be so fun. Have a good time at the retreat.

Unknown said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! That is what retreats are all about... fun with friends and doing the things that we love to do!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sure can see that you all are having fun and had a great retreat.

Mel said...

How fun!! I just got back from spending 4 days in St. George on my girls-in-laws retreat! I didn't get much sewing done, but we had a great time!!

Rae Ann said...

Nedra! Please photoshop pictures #1,#2,#3,#4.etc.......Sue would like 40 # and 20 years taken off her. Jackie would like about 10 inches in heigth added to her photo. Judy said only one chin please. Rae Ann is going to teach you a little color adjustment for faces. Please take a little muscle off my arm (Kristy) Love You silly girl. See ya in the morning!

Kim Walus said...

What a surprise to open this post and see Rae Ann's happy face. I didn't even know that she, Jackie, Suzanne, and Judy were headed down to St. George. Have fun and say hi to everyone. Thanks.

Nanette Merrill said...

That Judi is so talented. I can only imagine how fun and how good the dinner was after sewing.