Friday, January 8, 2010

Margaret's Snowmen

I know many of you are inundated with a lot of snow right now. You can "neaner neaner" me in the summer when we are sweltering under 100+ degrees, but for right now it's my turn. Here in St. George, Utah we are enjoying winter with temps in the 50's and sunny skies.
When I was at Margaret's house the other night, she had her home decorated in snowmen. We really don't see much snow in this area, but we still like the decorations! On yesterday's post I showed you some of her snowmen quilts.

Would this be called a 'snowwoman'?

Margaret has now informed her children not to buy her any more things that need to be dusted.
For today: Enjoy!

Snowmen knives that are kept in a cutting block


Rae Ann said...

Nedra...You are so lucky to be out of the deep freeze down there. I am headed down there for a quilt retreat later this month and will look forward to a good thaw. I hope to meet up with you while I am there!
I love the idea of decorating with the snowmen after Christmas. So cute!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

We are covered in white here in the Northeast, and snowmen are popping up all over the place outside. But I just LOVE snowmen inside the house for winter cheer after Christmas is all put away. That snowman quilt is just darling along with all the other snowmen!


Anonymous said...

It is 16 degrees with icy roads and snow falling in the great state of Alabama. What happened to the warm sunny south?

Material Mary said...

Margaret has a very nice collection of snowmen. Even though we have sub-zero temps today, I still like snowmen, but the fake kind.

Unknown said...

Loved seeing all of the snowmen. We had snow in Atlanta today, not enough for a snowman, but it was pretty to look at.

Unknown said...

Dreaming of 50 degrees! My sister in law made that same snowman quilt! It is just adorable.