Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall Sunshine

I understand from friends that it snowed yesterday in Northern Utah. When the weather starts to turn cold up North, people start heading to Southern Utah for the beautiful sunshine.
I love it because I get to see family and friends who come to St. George for a visit.
My friend Janean is in town, staying at her condo. We've had some time together the last few days to work a little on our quilting projects.
She is in the process of appliqueing a lot of these baskets out of civil war fabrics.

She also brought several editions of this magazine Quiltmania for me to look at. She said she got them at JoAnns but they are produced in France. The articles are written in English but many of the ads in the back are in French.

Janean carries her projects around in this cute basket.

Janean knows how I love covered buttons. In fact, she knows I'm addicted. Look what she brought me.

It's a pin/ covered button with my initial on it. Great idea!
But now I'm in trouble even more than I was because I have new ideas for my covered buttons.
Heaven help me.


Sherri said...

Isn't the weather great! How fun for you to have a friend visit!

pippa said...

I really enjoy the Quiltmania magazine. The photos are many and of such high quality. I also enjoy the people stories and the articles about quilt shows we would not otherwise know about. And I always find at least one quilt pattern I like.

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do.

Dawn said...

How fun to have friends visit. I'm lovin' this cooler weather too!

Carin said...

yup it sure did snow up here yesterday BLECH!!! My goal in life is to be a snowbird when my hubbby retires lol!
Very cool covered button and I love your friends basket.

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Great to have stitching friends to stay, love the basket. Gorgeous button...can't wait to see your ideas! xo

CJ said...

Love that button!

Mel said...

Snowbird friends are fun! I'm so glad for the cooler weather too!

antique quilter said...

love those baskets, so fun to make
I have been sewing mine all week
great basket...oh no another addiction covering baskets
I love seeing the antique quilts in the Quiltmania magazine and the quilters home.
Kathie i

Abby and Stephanie said...

A personalized button! Perfect. Now to find the perfect project for youself.

Carol said...

Look at that fun personal button! How fun to have your friend visit. I love her baskets.