Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fabric Colorway Strips

One of the comments I often hear from quilters is the challenge they feel in matching fabrics when making a quilt. This is one of the reasons why kits have become so popular in the quilt world. We like someone who understands color well to do some of the "seeing" for us.
My thanks to my friend Linda for sending links to two sites that are in my opinion brilliant.
When you go to these sites, created and maintained by morecloth dot com, you will see a series of rows of color strips like these.

When you click on one of the strips, you will be shown a series of fabrics that match the color way.
When you click on the fabric you will then be led to etsy sites where you can order on line.
How easy is that?
If you are decorating a room and would like a quilt to match the color scheme, look at the strips and see which one matches the closest.
Or if you are like me, just click on the strips and play with ideas. I have had so much fun with this site!
I love Kaffe fabrics. The second site
shows you only Kaffes in the colorstrip, and leads you back to Glorious Color for ordering.


CJ said...

VERY COOL! Thanks for sharing that.

Material Mary said...

Great information. Thanks.

Unknown said...

That is just the coolest thing! I enjoyed playing.

Micki said...

Thanks for all of the information. I love working with all the beautiful colours.

Browndirtcottage said...

This really is amazing...Great!!

amy smart said...

Oh wow. This is SO cool!