Thursday, July 9, 2009

So. Cal Quilter's Run

Today is the first day of So. Cal's Quilter's Run. My friend Margaret is originally from Long Beach and was going home for a family event. She mentioned she wanted to visit several quilt stores along the Run, so we made plans to go together.
I'm quite intimidated by the So. Cal freeway system, and since Margaret knows her way around she has been my designated driver. There are 42 shops participating on the Run, that covers 4 regions, all the way from Lancaster down to San Diego.

Our first stop this morning was "Bears Quilt Shop" in Garden Grove.

This shop offered a great selection of Oriental designs.

One Block Wonder designed by Mary Talbot.

Dear Jane Block of the Month.
I keep thinking that someday I am going to make a Dear Jane.

Our next stop was to an absolutely wonderful shop called "LeeAnne's Embroidery/Fun 2 Sew in Fountain Valley. This shop was not on the run, but we wanted to see what their store was like. LeeAnne is a delightful lady, extremely talented in machine embroidery.
Margaret loved this Thomas Kincade wall hanging.

Look at the beautiful colors in the threads.

LeeAnne offers a class to make this beach carrier. A great carry all for beach toys.

LeeAnne said her favorite metallic thread to work with is from Superior Threads.
I'll make sure to pass that information on to Bob and Heather when I go back into work next week.

This ocean scene is in LeeAnne's office.

Margaret is very familiar with all the things that can be done with embroidery. Seeing the samples today opened up a whole new world to me.

Our next stop was "Flying Geese Fabric" in Old Town Tustin. Very quaint down town area, and Flying Geese was definitely worth the drive.

They had one of the best selection of Kaffe's I've ever seen. I had to pick up a few for my Kaffe Collection.

"Siena's Garden" by Susan Manion, one of the owners of Flying Geese.
I purchased this pattern, and want to make it up in some of the Kaffe's I got today.

Another quilt made with Kaffe's.
You know how I love his fabrics.

Margaret had family activities this afternoon, so that was all the stores we could visit today.
Tomorrow she will be going to Disneyland with her son and grandchildren, and is leaving me the car.
I'm going to brave the crazy L.A. freeway system and drive up the coast by myself to visit a few more shops.
I'm kinda nervous... wish me luck!


dotti white said...

Wow, Nedra, that looks like lots of fun so far. Good luck with the freeway tomorrow. Take lots of deep breaths, turn on some great music and you'll do fine! Thanks for sharing the pix!

merumo said...

What a fun trip you are on! I have been thinking about Dear Jane BOM, too... Enjoy your adventure tomorrow. Drive safely :)

Sherri said...

Have'll be fine! I remember being so scared to drive the California freeways when I lived there ( I was only 19)... and that was before MapQuest...have a fun day!

Material Mary said...

Good luck Nedra. When I lived in California, I just had to know which direction I was headed and which direction the hotel was. You can navigate the freeways if you know that. Call ahead to the stores and ask for the cross street. That will help you also. Have a great time.

Lori Holt said...

Hi nedra-
it looks like you're having a great time- thanks for all of the'll do great behind the wheel, no worries!

Mel said...

I love shop hops! Thanks for sharing with us!! I'll check in tomorrow!

SewCalGal said...

Have fun on the So. Cal Quilt Run. Thanks for taking pictures and sharing.


Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Oooh beautiful photo's, and as for the Kaffe quilts well, what can I say?!!!

Carol said...

Have tons of fun! Be careful on that crazy freeway!

Oddbjørg said...

It seems you have a great time visiting so many quilt shops. I wish I could have been there too:-)
Thanks for sharing the photos!

Latane Barton said...

What fun you must be having. And, what inspiration. Have some fun for me, too, okay? I live a looooong way from Calif.

Yvette said...

You know, I live near all the shops you went to today and I have never heard of "Fun to Sew". I can't wait to take time to go visit this store.

Have fun today!!! I'm not doing the run this year but am looking forward to the Long Beach show in 2 weeks.

Sara said...

What a fun trip! I'm very envious. You'll do fine with the driving I'm sure.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Thanks for the show Nedra, just amazing!! good luck, I know you can do it, use your GPS!!!

Micki said...

It sounds like you will have a wonderful time, and thanks so much for the very inspiring photos.

Kim Walus said...

Be safe today as you adventure out into the quilt world beyond LA. I loved all the pictures you took too! Have a great trip.

Wendy P said...

I lived in So Cal most of my life. You should try to make it to Material Possessions in Lake Forest, and Leah's in Mission Viejo.

I was just learning quiltmaking when I left Cali, so I missed the shops you mentioned.

Have tons of fun, and watch out for those So Cal drivers!

CJ said...

Well I KNOW that Bears Quilt shop wasn't there when I lived in Garden Grove many moons ago. Maybe when I go in the fall I can look up a few of these places. I think the freeways down there are much easier than in WA - they give you more warning about things! Be safe.

Jana said...

42 stores?! I can't imagine visiting that many! You are in my old stomping grounds. I grew up in Garden Grove many years ago---it has certainly changed though from when I was a girl. Have fun shopping!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

What a fun day! Thanks for taking us along~ good luck tomorrow! ;-)

Lori said...

How fun you are in California. I was at Flying Geese a few months ago when they did a 7 shop run. I bought the Siena's Garden pattern too, but their display was thirties prints, which I love. Have fun on your trip.

Nanette Merrill said...

Really lovely stuff. Loved the quilt hanging with houses. Everything is so pretty.