Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dixie Diva June Night Meeting/ Part 2

Part 2
Because I took so many pictures from our Dixie Diva night meeting, I decided to put these in two different posts.
These are from the other Dixie Diva's for Show and Tell.
Pat finished the top of her "Las Cruces" quilt, all hand appliqued I might add.
Pat loves the colors of the South West.

She even hand appliqued all 49 pieces of the sashing,

And the 30 corner stones.
We know this will be another show stopper.

Ricci brought along a wool applique in progress. She found this pattern at http://www.woolylady.com/

Jan J. has been making lots of baskets. This one was made from pink minki and was very soft to the touch.
That Ricci.
We just can't explain why our projects end up on our heads. There really isn't a good reason, except for the fact that it makes us happy.
We Diva's are easily entertained.
More of Jan J's baskets.

Look at how wonderful this striped fabric turned out.

Jan J's daughter Sherryl was in town and brought along her own show and tell.
Don't we love it when our daughters join us in our quilting projects?

Sherryl put together several holiday pillow shams.


I love this Santa fabric.

Sherryl made bags for her "bangles".

Jan K. is working on a paper pieced Judy Neidermeyer quilt. Recently Judy was in town teaching classes. Jan said she felt Judy was one of the best teachers she has ever had. That is saying a lot, because Jan has taken a lot of classes over the years and is an award winning quilter herself.
Jan K just finished a very large (King Size) "BQ", a Maple Island Quilt pattern.

A second color way "BQ" by Jan K.

Thanks Diva's for sharing with us your latest!


Trisha said...

What a productive group! And all their work is just wonderful. You could have your own Dixie Diva's quilt show!

Carol said...

Your group is absolutely amazing!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Wow, so many neat projects! Love the 'hats' LOL :-))

Wendy said...

I just *have* to make a few comments! =-)
a.) Speaking on 'putting stuff on our heads', you should go look at Jane Sassaman's blog
She's a quilter, fabric designer, etc, and I just l-o-v-e her stuff! But her blog last week was about tea cozies, and she said they can't help but put them on their heads! (it's going around!) =-) Love the baskets, BTW. I've been thinking about trying that myself...
b.) The brown background on that wool applique thing almost looks like leather! I'm trying not to get new ideas for stuff 'til my current WIP is finished! =-)
And c.)I know what you mean about our daughters joining quilting. My 18-y.o. just started a top last summer, and this week she has dragged it back out and asked me to help her get going on it again. You can bet I "ripped" my quilt off the machine and got her going with hers! =-)

Material Mary said...

Amazing talent oozes forth from you great women. Thanks for sharing.

dotti white said...

Wow...you are all amazing and talented women and it looks like you are having soooooooo much fun! Have a good week!

Sherri said...

You always have a terrific show and tell with your Dixie Divas...I love Ricci'w wool block!

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Thanks for the show and tell...I love it, so inspiring xo

Karen said...

SOOOOOOOooooooooo amazing...lots of tallent there;) How are your buttons coming along???

Unknown said...

The Dixie Diva's are a terrific group! The work is just fabulous, but you know that I must comment on the Judy Niemeyer quilt. I just love that she thought that Judy is one of the best teachers, because I am in that same camp. It looks like she is working on the Thistle Pod quilt. I just bought that one and started collecting the fabrics for it. Planning it as a gift. Judy has 2 new patterns out, one of which you can use 2.5 inch strips. Saves lots of cutting. Thanks, Dixie Divas for the wonderful show and tell!

Micki said...

The products you gals all made are incredible!
Great job!