Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Morning Surprise

My daughter Amy called me yesterday and asked if we'd be up to seeing them early this morning for a quick visit. Of course! Their family drove all night long from Phoenix and were heading to Salt Lake for Dano's sister's wedding. With two little boys in tow, they drove at night hoping the boys would sleep. Realizing they would be passing through St. George around 7 am, Dano was nice enough to suggest they stop to let us kiss on these faces.
With the boys all bundled up in their pajamas, they made a grandma and papa very happy.
Noah was still a little sleepy at first.

Isaak was happy, happy, happy. Happy to get out of the car seat. Happy to see his papa (who he's all about) and happy to race back and forth and back and forth in the family room.
I made them breakfast and kissed some more on these faces.

Why is it the boys always get the long dark eyelashes?

Amy and Dano are such wonderful parents. They were pretty tired from driving all night, but they didn't even show it.
I noticed Dano had grown a mustache! When I asked him about it he said it was a joke. They will be taking formal family pictures for his sister's wedding, and she hates mustache's. Two of the brothers are coming from out of town, and both grew these just to shock her. (Doesn't matter how old they get, brothers just love to tease, don't they?) I'm guessing she will be handing them a razor the minute they walk in.

We only had two hours together, but Noah wanted to get caught up on the latest news. You never know what can happen in the world between midnight and 7 am. Or maybe he's checking out the ads. Look out Amy, you may have a coupon clipper in the family.

Now I have to wait until Christmas to see these beautiful faces again.

I don't know how I'm going to make it.

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Eileen said...

Oh I love all those faces. :-) How can you wait all the way until Christmas??