Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A New Find

Don't laugh. Vanna I'm not. But I have a new find that has made my life easier, and I wanted to share it with you. I'm at that age where reading glasses are a must. And not only that, but I must have good lighting to quilt or read. (Anybody else with me at this point? If not skip this post). I found these very cool LED clip on lights for my reading glasses, and I'm telling you, they work in a variety of situations. And besides that I look oh so stylin'. (not)
My friends teased me until they tried them and now everyone wants a pair.
Do you use a great big clip on light on your sewing machine? Another cord to be plugged in, or another item to be dragged around when you take a class? No longer needed.
Do you need better lighting on an airplane when you want to do hand work?
How about reading in the car or wanting to do handwork as the sun goes down?
On a personal note, I bring these out at night when I can't sleep and want to read. The light directs only to the book and doesn't disturb Mr. Cactus snoring away.
They clip right on the side of any glasses, and rotate up to 360 degrees for more precision. They are light weight and have the equivalent brightness of a 40 watt bulb. If you've seen any of the new LED flashlights you know how bright the light shines. I'm now an LED fan.
You can google "Veratti Attachable LED light". I also found them under "Encon Attachable LED light". Or you can go to The package comes with 6 lithium batteries.


Di~ said...

MMMM I want/need those for sure. Thank You. AND is Mr. Cactus going to be ticked off now that you've told the whole world that he snores?

Aleena said...

you look AWESOME! I don't need glasses yet, but I would love a pair for hand work. Never seems like there is enough light.

tanya said...

Do you clip them to your ears if you don't wear spectacles? I would love to be able to read when my Mister is snoring!