Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ricci's Sewing Room

I am such a lucky person. I have a dear friend Ricci and we try to get together at each other's house about once a week to work on quilts. I say I am lucky, not only because Ricci is such a wonderful person, but because I get to sew in her amazing quilt room. Designed by Ricci and her husband Sam, this room has everything a quilter would ever desire. Sam is an Engineer by profession, and it shows in the precision and details of the room. He did most of the work himself, a labor of love for his sweet wife.

Behind the cupboard doors are baskets filled with Ricci's "Stash". Every piece is color coordinated and folded to matching size. I like to open the doors just to look. It's like having a fabric store right in front of you.

I keep asking Ricci "Do you think Sam would notice if I moved in?" Every time I go to her house I feel so comfortable that I don't want to leave. She has every tool and gadget a quilter could use. She's also very generous with sharing her time and talents with others.

This is how Ricci displays her pincushions and other quilt memrobilia. It's a piece of furniture from her childhood home that she repainted.

Superior Threads Headquarters is located not far from our homes. They offer fabulous seminars and instructions. A great place to pick up any kind of thread imaginable. Ricci has drawers and drawers of many different kinds of threads and does most of her own machine quilting.

Wonderful organization with each drawer marked, making things easy to find at a glance.

When I first entered Ricci's sewing room she showed me this nifty little door. Doesn't impress too much from the outside. But when you see what is inside, a big case of coveting consumes a quilter immediately. When ever I take my friends over to Ricci's house for the first time, they all leave talking non stop about what is behind this door.

Ricci's husband Sam built her a "dumb waiter" that starts below in their garage and ends up right in her quilt room. Do you follow what I am saying? A direct lead from the trunk of the car to her sewing room!! No sliding all those quilt bags past her husband with an innocent look of "What bags?' on her face. No sneaking around so he doesn't see how much fabric is entering the house. Even Ricci has to laugh and say "What was he thinking?!"
When I point out to my husband "Look at how much Sam loves Ricci. Look at what he made for her." (as in don't you want to build me one of these too?) , my husband gives me a deadpan look and announces "Don't even go there. I don't want to hear one more time how wonderful Sam is!" Fortunately he and Sam get along famously, and he really thinks what Sam has done is pretty cool.

Today, I got all 16 blocks put together for the Summer Stash Challenge quilt. Ricci and I looked at it, and agreed it needs another row on the end to make it a generous Twin size. That will be tomorrow's goal.


Nanette Merrill said...

First off your quilt is darling. Its coming along so well.

Ricci!!!!!! HOLY COW. I've never ever in all my life seen anything like it. I thought I had a nice room. My room isn't 10% of Ricci's. Unbelievable. Wowie. I am dumb struck. And speaking of dumb - that waiter. Sam is unbelievable. I have no words for him.

Live Well With Judi said...

It's great to see Ricci in her 'environment'. I can't wait to visit again. Your quilt is beautiful and you got alot done quickly.

Cathie in UT said...

She is indeed a very lucky lady to have such a wonderful quilting room!
I have enjoyed your blog and it's nice to visit another Utah quilters blog! But glad I am not in St George right now LOL
Cathie in UT

Browndirtcottage said...

((((()))))....((((()))))....(this is me being speachless)...I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THAT QUILT ROOM IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!!WOW!!

Your quilt is looking good,,,by the way,,,how do you have your squares posted up on the wall?? It's some kind of cloth right??

Huenu said...

Nedra, please tell Ricci I'm green with envy. I want a sewing room like that! And your stash quilt is looking great.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Absolutely love our quilt. And now OH MY GOSH with your friend's sewing room and the organization!!! Yes, I could live in there. Thanks for sharing. Now quilter's around the world will be asking their husbands for Ricci's room.

Ulla said...

Your quilt looks very happy and beautiful! Ricci's sewing room is something unbelievable, a dream come true.

Joanna said...

I just found your blog from Cathie's. It's so exciting when you find a really good quilting blog like yours - I've subscribed to it already!

Wowser that room is to die for! No wonder you love visiting! I think I would just take my sleeping bag and move in:) LOVE the dumb waiter - best idea ever LOL!!!