Friday, July 11, 2008

Hurray For New Quilters!

Hurray for New Quilters! I love it when someone comes to me and says they want to learn how to quilt. I love to show people how addicting this art really is! They usually act a little shy, and wonder if they would be imposing by having me teach them some basics. "Are you kidding?" I reply "It's like asking me to share eating chocolate!"
I work with Niclole in the Young Women's organization of our church. She's a young mother with a baby and 3 year old. Perfect time to learn how fun it is to make things for your children. The creative process can be so fulfilling.

We met at a local quilt shop and Nicole picked some fabric in primary colors with trucks. Perfect for her cute little boy Truman.

I started her off on a very easy pattern. For her first quilt I think she's doing a great job! She's learning to use a sewing machine and to make exact 1/4 inch seams.
We got the first 5 rows done. Next lesson will be to put it all together and add borders. I remember when I started learning all the quilt jargon. What is a border? Today Nicole learned what it means to "Chain Piece".
Yesterday my husband and I drove to Las Vegas, which is 2 hours South from St. George. We wanted to go furniture shopping, and Vegas is known for some of the best stores. While we were there we passed by one of my favorite quilting stores "Quiltique" in Henderson, Nevada. My husband was nice enough to let me go in, even though it wasn't on our "to do" list. A few days ago on Kim's blog I noticed she made these darling bags out of an Amy Butler pattern. I knew I had to make them, too! Fortunately Quiltique had the pattern. I think they will be great presents for my daughters and girlfriends.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints -- Las Vegas Temple
We spent the evening at the Las Vegas Temple of our church. This temple is so beautiful inside. It always brings me so much peace and comfort to be able to attend the temple and to spend time praying.


Elizabeth said...

That's nice of you to show her how to quilt. It's always fun to sew for your kids.

Di~ said...

Nedra: Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Yes, I did get that kit at Mormon Handicraft! What a coincidence!

Karen said...

Amen!!! to new quilters! Beautiful temple pics...Did you find any furniture that you liked?

Nanette Merrill said...

One of my favorite temples. I could not believe that they don't make you sit altogether - even when there are just 10-15 people in a session. Not like Utah, thats for sure. I guess they are just glad to see you there. I am helping a girl I work with make her first quilts. It is really rewarding. She has now broken into making some clothes for her baby. Makes me happy.