Monday, April 23, 2012

Thank You Chookyblue!

Mr. Cactus is pretty techno-savy.
Right out of college he became a computer programer.
Soon after that he created his own software company and was on the cutting edge of new development.
He sold his companies several years ago, but I can still go to him for advice.
Last night he heard me sputtering away about the complete mess Blogger has made with their new interface.
He did a little research and read an article where Blogger wrote that using the old interface would no longer be an option.
Picture me: very sad/mad/ frustrated face.
And then this morning, I opened up an e-mail from fellow blogger Chookyblue!
She said that you CAN switch back to the old interface.
See the cog on the right hand side of your dashboard?
Click on it and it will bring a drop down menu.
On the list and it will give the option of returning to the old interface.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Chookyblue!!
You are my hero!
Mr. Cactus is now wondering if Blogger caved and switched their minds about allowing the old format.
Do you think they actually read the comments left by me and many others about our frustration with their new system?
What ever their reason, picture me now: happy/ glad/ smiley face!
Let's just hope they leave well enough alone.


Mary Grace McNamara said...

It's great when we can help each other survive Blogger's craziness! Sometimes I wonder what they are thinking!


Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Oh yes....I just NEVER click or change ANYTHING....I'm afraid to! HA!

Sara said...

I also switched back to the old version, but there is a message there that says the old version will be "removed" in the next month. Boooo!!! I think the old version is much easier to navigate. I am pretty technie myself - having been a computer science teacher - but still don't like huge changes like this one that don't seem to be improvements.

Lois Evensen said...

We changed ours right back a few days ago, too. I've been telling everyone about the gears who asks. The new blogger really was BAD.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I always hear so many people complain of Blogger I'm glad I use wordpress. On the hand quilting blog that I am a contributor to they use Blogger - then I heard that I could still use Windows Live Writer to write my posts and post from there - now I don't have to deal with blogger!

•stephanie• said...

i'm in love with the illustrations you used in this post. they say it all! happy you found a way around this "new and improved" mess.

Nanette Merrill said...

I don't like it either plus I hate the new word verification it requires.

Stephanie said...

Perhaps I'm the only one who isn't having trouble with new blogger? I switched immediately when it was available to try a few months ago. As for word can turn than off.

Cardygirl said...

Good ole Chookyblue!

~ Julie ~ said...

Thanks for the info. on how to go back to the old format!!! It's been driving me crazy!!! I'm too old to learn new things - especially when I'm finally feeling comfortable with the old version! :)

fiberchick said...

Thank you for posting this!!!