Thursday, April 26, 2012

I KNOW That Quilter!

Have you ever gone to a quilt exhibit and fallen in love with a certain quilt or style, but not been aware of the person behind the design?
You see their name by the quilt, but what really registers are the fabrics and pattern.
I remember last year I went to the AQG Show and was very taken with First Lorraine Went To Egypt by Barbara Polston.
Loved everything about that miniature quilt, from the Frank Lloyd Wright-ish design, clear down to the tiny paper pieced blocks.
Even the unique quilt title stayed in my mind.
Recently my guild announced we would be having a guest speaker:
Barbara Polston
I didn't connect the dots.
Star Where Beauty Lies
Barbara brought a wonderful trunk show, and first began showing some of her miniature quilts.
Barbara has quite the quilt resume.
To name of few of her accomplishments: She is the Editor of Quilting Quarterly, and is a writer/columnist by day.
She is also the founder of Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame, that celebrates quilt makers here in our lovely state.
She is also a very prolific, award winning quilter.
Sunshine and Shadows
Barbara has a bright, happy personality, and a way with words.
The evidence of a professional writer became apparent, as she had us laughing with story after story.
While showing a few of her quilts, Barbara listed some of the awards that she has been honored to receive.
Among the titles, she mentioned one for her quilt First Lorraine Went To Egypt.
A big light bulb went off in my brain!
Oh, you are THAT Barbara Polston!
I KNOW that quilter!
You are THAT Barbara Polston who won a first place ribbon for Vintage Roses
See post March 16, 2012.
As a newbie to Arizona, I'm a little slow in connecting the dots with names and faces, but I'll get there eventually.
I took a lot of pictures of Barbara's quilts during her trunk show, and will be showing you her beautiful work in the next few posts.


Material Mary said...

That is exciting to meet a favorite quilter...they have star power don't they..

Lois Evensen said...

Yes, that had to be exciting! Her quilts are gorgeous!

Janet said...

I felt the same way years ago when Jinny Beyer taught for our little guild. How wonderful for you.