Sunday, October 5, 2014

General Conference

 Do you pick a favorite weekend each year?
I do :)
Well, actually I pick two favorite weekends:
The first weekend in April
The first weekend in October
 On both of these weekends
my church
broadcasts a
General Conference
Thousands attend in the 
Conference Center
in Salt Lake City
but Millions watch on TV or their media device
(like me)
It's quite nice to stay home and watch church
and I always line up some fun quilting projects to be accomplished, too :)
 But, the main reason I love listening to our church leaders
is to hear messages of Christ
 And, to be reminded of what matters most in this life.
There are (2) two hour sessions on both
Saturday and Sunday
I come away encouraged and inspired to 
do better and to be better.
Most of all I feel
God's always extending love for me 
and for each of us.
If you would like to listen to the messages given today
you can tune in on your computer or media device

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