Friday, September 12, 2014

Fair Isle Quilt

 With so many quilts in the line up
I rarely buy patterns anymore.
But then one comes along that has
"Just Gotta Have"
written all over it.
72" x 77"
by Lee of Freshly Pieced
was released just yesterday on her website.
I immediately downloaded the PDF
*cost only 4.99 for this week
*hard copy coming soon
Available HERE
Don't you just love it?
With my Danish last name
and German maiden name
these Nordic designs
speak to me of my heritage.
I've always liked Row quilts too.
As an added bonus
(the USA Bernina Blog)
is offering a 
free matching Pillow Tutorial
Lykkelig ! (happy happy!)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I saw that pattern on her website but just have more quilts in the line up then I will ever do and resisted. Well love to see your version.

Sara said...

Wow! This one is great and must be speaking to my Nordic side too - one Norwegian grandpa. I even love the color scheme, but could see it in blues too.

Thanks for sharing!