Monday, April 9, 2012

It's A Start

I saw this tutorial for a Modern Baby Chevron Quilt over at You Had Me At Bonjour.

Great way to use up scraps.
Even though I love her use of orange, I've got a lot of blues and neutrals in my stash baskets. The geometric lines of Modern Baby Chevron felt like a perfect project for a baby boy quilt.

The layout of the 3" blocks took a little bit of time to place up on the design wall.
It seemed a little bit like a jig saw puzzle.

Even though the directions said the quilt will finish at 45" X 60", at first the layout visually looked too large for a baby quilt.
A lot will be taken up in the seam allowances.

In addition to cutting 3-inch squares, the only other prep work was in making 36 half square triangles.
Kirsty gives good, detailed instructions for every step in her tutorial.

Once it's time to start sewing rows together, Kirsty suggests "breaking open a block of chocolate".
She lives in France, where chocolate must come in "blocks".
(maybe that is the real reason I felt so compelled to make this quilt)?
I put on a good DVD and have a start on the first few rows.
I'll keep you posted on my progress.


dream quilt create said...

I saw that quilt and loved it! Yours is beautiful in blue, can hardly wait to see it finished!

Unknown said...

It looks fantastic! Hmmm... might be a good quilt for my college bound girl!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

what a lay out, I can just see messing that up while sewing and getting pieces turned. Good luck on it, it is very modern looking.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Very eye catching. Can you imagine if it was all on your design wall, unsewn and you sneezed or something. Oi Vey...pieces would be everywhere.

Maxine said...

How do you find the time do all the projects I read about on your blog? This is a project I would like to try, something out of the box for me...And I will get out the chocolate for this....Love your blog

•stephanie• said...

love the color combo!
perfect for a baby boy.

Material Mary said...

This quilt is great. Thanks for sharing. Hope your Easter was wonderful.

Cindy said...

You go Nedra--this is one classy quilt. Love it!

Lois Evensen said...

Very, very nice! I really do like the blues. :)))

Gayle said...

Cute! are you getting a new baby?

ytsmom said...

This is very cool. It looks like fun and a great way to use up scrap. I'm thinking it would be neat to use several different colors for the chevrons!

KWILEY said...

Just finished the same quilt! Had to make one for my nephew he wanted a "camo" look. turned out great. I broke mine down into section of 6x6 "blocks" easier to combine/add the rows. I think it was like 3 hours of cutting and 12 hours of sewing to complete the top :) love the look - now to just layer and quilt it! I have a photo in my flicker album.

Jenny said...

I loved that quilt too!! A whole bunch, yours looks just as good!