Friday, March 30, 2012

Square Wheel Color Dance

Yesterday I shared with you my discovery of Arizona quilt designer Ann L. Petersen.
She had two quilts in the Arizona Quilters Guild show that were my favorites.
Square Wheel Color Dance won a 1st place ribbon in the Scrap category.
(It shouldn't surprise you that I loved the scrap quilts the most)
Ann wrote "Blending one color into another around the color wheel is endlessly fun play. Made to showcase many piecing patterns and fabrics."
As we were standing by Ann's quilt ooohing and aaahing over her design, a woman nearby spoke up.
She is a fan of Ann's work and began telling us a little bit about her.
She said "Are you aware that Ann free motions her own quilts completely on her home machine?"
Very impressive.
I would have guessed that she used a long arm to get such detailed results.
She continued "Ann also teaches online classes in machine quilting for Craftsy. If you would love to take a class from her, but don't live nearby, you can always go to the Craftsy Website and sign up. One of the beauties of taking a class from Craftsy is you can play the tutorial over and over as many times as you need."
Once I got home I did an Internet search and found Ann's class called Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine.
In reading Ann's bio I also learned that she entered her first quilt in a show in 2002 and was surprised that she began winning right away.
I'm not surprised.
Among her many honors, she took a 1st at Houston International Quilt Fest in 2007.
At one time Ann worked for The Great American Quilt Factory in Denver, CO and taught classes and designed for their book and pattern company Possibilities.
If you would like to read more about Ann, and to view quilts in her gallery, make sure to visit her web site Obsessive Quilter.


dream quilt create said...

Her quilts are gorgeous! I love the way she blends the colors together. I can't believe she does all that machine quilting on her regular sewing machine! That is definately an art. I will go and read more about her.

Ruth said...

Thanks for sharing your photos of the AQG show! I continue to see features I forgot. What a wonderful show!

em's scrapbag said...

What a wonderful quilt. Thanks for sharing quilting up close. It was inspirational.

Crafts4others said...

love the colors

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Beautiful quilt and quilting. Thank you for the informational post.