Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Case For Smiles

A young man approached our quilt guild president and asked if we would be willing to help him with his Eagle Project.
His goal is to gather 300 pillowcases by the end of February to be donated for The Case of Smiles project sponsored by ConKerr Cancer.

In the last 2 weeks our members made 54 pillowcases that were presented to Ryan last night.
I love being part of experiences like this.
It renews my faith in mankind and the generous nature of community.

Our first admiration and support went to a young man learning leadership through the Boy Scouts of America.
Great program.
I remember the work and dedication our son Paul went through when he earned his Eagle a few years ago.
We were also very impressed with the cause Ryan selected for his project.
In 3 years ConKerr Cancer has provided 400,000 pillowcases to sick children in hospitals across the country.
"Our goal is to give bright cheery pillowcases to every seriously ill child in North America by 2015. We are also expanding Internationally with chapters in Canada and South Africa."

When I made my pillowcase for Ryan, I used the

"tube method" I learned when I worked for

Quilted Works in St. George, Utah.

If you are looking for an easy pillowcase pattern,

Barb Johnson (from Quilted Works)

recently did a great tutorial over on Sew We Quilt.


Sara said...

Great project. I got involved in a similar one about a year ago. The quilters involved actually made about 400 pillowcases and donated about 200 new pillows to a couple of local charities, including a shelter for abused women and children. It was very rewarding to make those deliveries.

Janet said...

What a guy! I wish he could read your lovely post about the project.