Sunday, February 20, 2011

Travel Boat

Deep within the forests of the Arizona Amazon lurks swarms of wild animals, multi colored monsters, the Abominable Snowman, pirates and aliens from other worlds.
Safety lies within the accomplished crew of Travel Boat.
Papa: King of The Boat
Noah: Captain, who steers the boat and "drives through things".
Isaak: Weapons Officer, who "organizes all the weapons and hands them out".
The most important supplies are gathered first.
Travel Boat must be prepared to drive through lakes and climb steep mountains.
There are slippery icebergs and big whales along the way.
Oh no! Within seconds we have been attacked by a giant termite!
A good weapons officer can shoot from any angle.
There are no rules to Travel Boat, which makes things even more dangerous.
These may look like normal pillows to you, but in reality they are "Super Shields" that protect you from the bad guys.

In desperate situations the shield must cover both sides.

Papa has been hit. We will save him.
Who is that alien nearby? We realize her camera has cosmic rays that can suck your brains out.
Noah grabs his own camera, blocking any rays coming towards Travel Boat.
Unfortunately, Travel Boat comes with injuries.
While Noah was busy saving the day, he took off his shield and was hit.
Oh my! There is a hole in his tummy!
There are operations where they have to "sew up your guts".
(no tickling allowed)

Shield safely back on both sides.
Travel Boat can now continue.
Which it will for many nights ahead.


Carol said...

OMG what fun! I can hear all the boys giggling.

Lois Evensen said...

Oh, how cute!!!!!!

EFT Manual said...

It seems that it was a very fun moment!

Rawai Guesthouse said...

I bet the kids and a great time with their dad!

Jana said...

How fun to have this precious play time with grampa journaled! Great thinking with the camera!

Melissa said...

Hope Mr Cactus can survive...what a change from your empty nest!

Anonymous said...
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Janet said...

ROFLOL, what great fun, wish I could play that game.

Nanette Merrill said...

Isn't it fabulous you are there for this.