Monday, December 20, 2010

Double Diamond Ruler

During our Diva Christmas luncheon, Bev gave each of us a quilted bookmark she had made using the Double Diamond Ruler by Kim Templin.
One of the thing I appreciate about being part of a talented quilt group is learning about new techniques and products that the Divas have scouted out.

Bev showed us the ruler and told how easy it was to make the bookmark.
This cut and fold method made me think of some of the art projects we made in elementary school with construction paper.
Fast 1-2-3 step instructions are provided by Bright Quilting Notions.
I was impressed with Kim Templin's web site.
Do you have a desire to purchase some of these specialty rulers on the market, but when you get home forget how to use them?
Kim provides well written instructions, free patterns (like the bookmark), an idea gallery, and even an easy to follow video.
You can add dimensional elements to quilt borders, blocks, sashings, purse straps, vests, and even scrapbook pages.
Wouldn't the bookmark be a nice addition when giving a book as a gift?
After watching the video, I'm ready to play.
Thanks Bev! I've already started using my bookmark with my latest read.


Truffle queen said...

I actually bought a set of these rulers at a quilt show in Peoria - and I forgot about using it! Guess I'll have to "bookmark" the sites you mentioned and take the rulers with me to Florida! Can't wait to get out of this weather!

Needled Mom said...

Gorgeous!!! It looks like it would be a fun project too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice post. I'm Kim, the inventor of the Double Diamond Ruler®. Those bookmarks are very popular. They make great gifts and sell well at craft shows. These days, I'm putting double diamonds on about everything and having lots of fun!

Micki said...

It looks like a wonderful idea...I will definitely look into it.

Material Mary said...

What a great find that ruler is. Also, love the previous post with the big girl panties. I split when I read that. You have a fun group.

AnnieO said...

I won a couple of these rulers several months ago and am sorry to say I've yet to read the instructions more than once! Too many other projects ahead of playing with this new toy. A bookmark would be a great start!