Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Scarves

Here in the desert of Southern Utah we appreciate rain. We recognize the great need for water that gives drink to an arid landscape, and fills our reservoirs in preparation for the hot summer days ahead.
St. George is located at the northern most tip of the Mohave Desert, with an average rainfall of only 8"annually.
We are also very spoiled by the sunshine. We get used to it and expect it everyday.
When it rains like cats and dogs, as it has this weekend, I remind myself not to complain.
But, it does makes a person want to huddle under a quilt and relax.

I've become addicted to making Belle scarves...and more scarves....and more scarves. Crocheting can be as therapeutic as quilting.

These really do look like sliced potatoes.

And when it's rainy and cold, it's the perfect time to find a some good DVD's and stay indoors.
When Lori (Bee In My Bonnet) was here a few weeks ago she brought along her
and introduced Jodi Nelson and I to the show.
I don't know where I was in 2000-2007 when the show was on the air, but I had never heard of it.
Lori got me hooked.
We laughed our heads off at the quick dialogue and fast paced humor.
I have found the series at my local library, and can almost hear Lori's wonderful laugh in the background during all the back and forth interchange.

And by staying indoors, I have spent time investigating parts of my Picasa program.
I now know how to write words on pictures.
This could be dangerous.


Lois Evensen said...

Love your scarves. I, too, have no clue about the Gilmore Girls. I must have been out to lunch with you for those years. ;)

Carol said...

Those scarves are just so cute. I looked at the pattern on the Lion website you gave the link for and the one in their photo seems wider than yours. Did you use this exact pattern for those you made? I see there are many more on their listings that are different widths. Just wondering before I start one.

Jana said...

Such cute scarves! Saw similar ones at TJ Maxx....darling! How fun to be able to make your own!

I don't know the Gilmore Girls either. I see there are reruns on tv but have never seen one. Nice to have them all at your fingertips to watch while working!

AnnieO said...

We in SoCalif are with you on appreciating the rain, but the impatience for the sun to return, LOL!

Love the scarves, they look very cozy.

My girls liked that show a lot but I never watched it much. Probably conflicted with something else I was watching :)

Jan Marie said...

Nedra, those scarves are so cute. Did you tell us where to find the pattern for them? When you get rain we get snow and boy did we.