Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nanette's Roll Basket

Market is over.
I can show you now.

My sweet friend Nanette (Freda's Hive) gave me this cute Roll Basket as a gift, but I couldn't show you until now because it was part of a pattern revealed at Market.

Nanette was asked by RJR Fabrics to design a quilt with accessories for their new fabric line What's Cookin'.
Yea Nanette!!
I love it when I see my friends get recognized for their amazing talent!
*My basket is out of another fabric line, because of course she needed to use the original line for her market samples.

The Roll Basket can be stored flat while not in use.
I'm using mine in my sewing room to store pieces of a quilt in progress. In fact, it's a quilt Nanette and I started together.
Thank you Nanette! I love my basket, especially because it was made by you.

Nanette's What's Cookin' quilt.
You can see more detailed pictures of the quilt and matching accessories over on Nanette's blog HERE.
I don't see her new pattern listed yet on her web site, but if you are interested in a purchase, I'm sure you can e-mail her with questions.
Nanette left a comment about the availability of the pattern and fabric:
"The pattern won't be released until the fabric is released later this summer. They want them to come out at the same time. thank you."
By the way, I know she might have been trying to be a little quiet about it, but yesterday was Nanette's birthday.
It would be nice if you could run over and wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Sherri said...

Your basket is so cute...I love mine too...I'll have to blog about it now that the pattern is out! And thanks for letting us know about Nanette's birthday!

Nanette Merrill said...

You are so funny. Your comments are so humbling because I feel in awe of you and you end up praising me. You're such a good friend Nedra, thank you so much for your words and love. I so appreciate your telling your blog readers about my latest project. The pattern won't be released until the fabric is released later this summer. They want them to come out at the same time. thank you thank you

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Isn't Nanette's pattern great.
Congratulation's on your son's hard work and I'm still reading your blog to catch up on all that has been happening.

Unknown said...

Nanette is fabulous as are her designs! What a kind heart. Love the roll basket!! I am off to wish her a belated Happy Birthday!

Material Mary said...

Love the basket. What a very clever idea!!

Janet said...

Oh yes, those baskets would be great for storage. I love the fact they can be stored flat. I love everything Nannette does, she sure does have her own special touch.

Lori Holt said...

Hi Nedra...I love my basket too. You are right on the ball showing it as soon as you can....I need to show mine and give Nanette props!