Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hot Stuff Potholder

One of the wonderful things about Texture Magic is it can be used on all kinds of items, not just purses or quilts.
I've been wanting to try it on some kitchen projects.

This morning I made this potholder called Hot Stuff by Vanilla House Designs.
I pulled from some home decor weight fabric that are little heavier than the regular cottons we use in quilts.
You can see the difference in the fabrics on the front. The one on the right has been shrunk with Texture Magic.
I also added Texture Magic to the back piece of the potholder.
On this section I sewed straight lines 1/4" apart.
Before adding steam.
Once it was shrunk, I cut out the back piece.
Pictures never do these projects justice. I wish you could touch this back piece, because the texture is really cool.
Or should I say hot, for Hot Stuff.
In retrospect, if I were to do this potholder again using a heavier weight fabric along with the Texture Magic, I think I would only Texture the front. Trying to put the bias tape around all the layers, including the thermal interfacing fleece, was quite bulky to sew through.
But, when I added one of my covered buttons, all was well.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea...and so pretty that I wouldn't dare use it! LOL

Jana said...

You "made" me buy Texture to get it out of the package and play with it. :) I love the back of your potholder!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

How cool! And the heat when you use the pot holder doesn't melt the TM? I am going to have to find some to play with too! :-)

Thimbleanna said...

Very, very cool Nedra! What a great idea to use texture magic on hot pads!

Dawn said...

Oh Nedra, it turned out so cute!

Material Mary said...

That is a really cute hot pad!!Love that texture magic. I even saw a package at Sisters, Oregon when we went there on our way to the family reunion..

Nat Palaskas said...

Very cute. You seemed to mastered the 'magic' to perfection - Hugs Nat

dotti white said...

It's amazing the "soothing balm" in a covered button! The potholder is sweet but thanks for the feedback about it being a bit thick to work with! My mom has the pattern and has made some of those potholders. Have a great Sunday!

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Love it, I want one!!! And as for the button....oh yes!! xo

Annie said...

VERY hot! Great idea for using the Texture Magic. Did you have trouble getting the binding on because it wasn't wide enough or because the layers were so thick? I like the idea of the texture on both sides, so might try cutting the bias binding an extra 1/4" wider next time. Another suggestion: when stitching through lots of thick layers, try Superior Threads' great new titanium needles. They are very strong and really do make a difference when you've got lots of thicknesses to go through. I use them on all my bags, etc. and they are awesome.


Eileen said...

This stuff is really very cool! And the potholders turned out just wonderful using it. Love your fabrics too.

The Ashtons said...

Hi Nedra! These would be the greatest little gifts. I am so glad I got to be your neighbor if only for a little while.