Thursday, August 28, 2014

Those Mesa Ladies/ August

 Yesterday was my favorite day of the month
A day to quilt 
Those Mesa Ladies
Amanda brought her latest Work In Progress
This month we met in the cultural hall of the church
while electrical work was being done
through out the building.
We each bring our own projects to work on.
Most bring
Show and Tell
Peg just got her Block of The Month quilt
back from the quilter.
Right away she threw it into the washer and dryer
making it nice and soft and cuddly.
Peg also just finished her
Quilty Fun Sampler
designed by Lori Holt/ Bee In My Bonnet
The back is as cute as the front.
Christine worked on binding her latest.
 The back is a soft Minky
Peg and Christine
I feel so honored to be part of this Mesa Quilt group.
The ladies are very generous and giving.
Peg brought us each a gift
of homemade 
"Blessing Bread"

 The message was so sweet
that it brought tears to our eyes.
We all have our challenges
and could use an extra Blessing.
A lot more than quilting 
goes on when we meet together.
 Each year on this day
As a family tradition,
Peg makes bread in honor of her mother's birthday.
A gift to offer
comfort, peace, love and hope 
to those who receive it.
Thank you Peg for always knowing how to 
be a friend.
And, as always
the luncheon was absolutely delicious.
Steph and Karen
Hawaiian sliders * recipe HERE
Veggies and Dip
Homemade Salsa and Chips
Carmelitas (dessert)
and Lemonade.
The 11 (yes 11!) Electricians in the building came by
and mentioned how good the kitchen smelled.
Stephanie in her generosity
fed them all Hawaiian Sliders.
Can you see why I admire these ladies so much?


Sharon S said...

Lovely pictures of a lovely day. What is a Hawaiian Slider??

Wendy said...

What a wonderful group of ladies! You are so blessed to have them in your life. Aren't quilters wonderful people!