Monday, September 29, 2008

Sewing Machine Cozy

"When I give to you what I make with my hands, I share my heart".
A little while ago Stephanie of Loft Creations posted this cute Sewing Machine Cozy on her blog. She found the free pattern at "Spool"
Today Ricci and I got together to work on making these covers for our own machines. The original pattern is just made from fabric, with no lining. Stephanie suggested using pellon fusible fleece to give the cozy some heft. She commented that she found it rather bulky to sew with, especially at the bottom. Ricci came up with the bright idea of trimming the fleece away 1/4 inch from each pattern piece, so the seams didn't include the fleece. (that Ricci!) It worked great! These were so easy to make. We took the original pattern, and then measured the dimensions of our individual machines to make them custom fit. For example, the pattern suggests a 13 inch drop, but my machine sits down in the table, so I only needed a 9 1/2 inch drop.

Hopefully this will help keep the dust off my machine.

Ricci added panels to each side of hers.

She now is going to make a sewing cover for each season of the year. (that Ricci!)

The latest show and tell from Ricci. She used all Kaffe Fassett fabrics for this quilt too.

The other day my girlfriend Judi was working on this cute Halloween quilt. She used "Press and Seal" (similar to a plastic wrap you get at the grocery store) to draw the lines she wanted to embroider on. Because it's see through you can draw them exactly over the pattern. Once the embroidery is stitched, you pull away the plastic wrap and you're done!


~D Spack~ said...

Does it disturb the stitches when you pull away the plastic wrap?

belinda said...

oh nedra....your machine covers are just fab!! i've been going to do one for know....thanks for jogging my memory.

Material Mary said...

Way cool tip. I love to embroider and will have to incorporate that plastic wrap. Love the cozies.

Stephanie said...

Great job on the sewing machine covers. Trimming away the fleece at the bottom is exactly what I would do next time. Great tip for anyone going to make one of these. Beautiful quilt Ricci made!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Holy Cow, between Judi and Ricci, I learn new stuff all the time. And you, of course. The machine covers are darling. My mother always kept her machine covered. I should. Maybe I'll make a cover to match my ironing board! I have extra fabric. Hmm what day should I not sleep??? Oh well. I'll fit it in. Such a good idea.