Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dixie Quilt Guild October Meeting

The Dixie Quilt Guild normally meets the first Saturday of every month. But next Saturday October 4th is the St. George Marathon, so we moved our meeting to yesterday. Why would a large guild move their meeting just for one city event? Because the marathon takes over every aspect of our community. We are a small town, with a rapidly growing population of about 140,000. The Marathon brings in around 7,000 runners from 49 states and 10 foreign countries, along with all of their families. We have traffic, lots of traffic. Entire sections of town are blocked off, and driving becomes a challenge. Those of us not involved like to stay at home. Besides that, we support several of our quilting ladies who also run the marathon.
Yesterday our turn out was small. The State Quilt Festival was going on in Ogden, and many from our group were up north for the event. We had a small show and tell, but saw some very impressive quilts.

We are having National Teacher Linda Ballard come to teach some classes in November to our guild. This is one of her quilts that will be taught called "Fractured Chrystal's". One of our ladies has already made the quilt and wanted to show us the design.

9 Patch Pizzaz. Quilts from a previous Zion Retreat.

Courthouse Steps.

This wonderful quilt was made by Ruth McIntire, one of our amazing applique artists.


Eileen said...

I love courthouse steps. You just don't see this pattern much, and that one is really planned out well. Thanks for showing us all the quilts!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful quilts and talented group of ladies. Thanks for sharing.

belinda said...

wow nedra....thanks for sharing again....i so want to master applique...those long skinny little tendrils....i can't even imagine!

Carrie said...

What beautiful quilts -- I love the fractured chrystals. I can't believe the applique work. She is very talented.

Cathie in UT said...

Sorry Quilt Fest stole so many of your members and I met a few of them at the fund raiser quilt and we talked about your blog! LOL
It was a fun surprise.
Congrats to your nephew and his new bride and also to your handsome Father in Law on his birthday.