Friday, November 16, 2012

Scissor's Dance

 It's been a wonderful week.
Our oldest son just graduated from
Sound Engineering School in
Manhatten, New York,
and is visiting for 2 weeks.
I'm a happy mama :)
Knowing his love of music,
one of the first things I wanted to take him to
was The "MIM"
in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Absolutely AMAZING place
that I wrote about
The museum is state of the art and
We spent 6 1/2 hours viewing displays from over 200 countries,
and even then only briefly saw many of the areas.
One that particularly caught my eye
was the
Scissor's Dance
from Peru 
 The Scissor's Dance is an enduring tradition practiced in Southeast Peru.
With origins from the 16th Century, the dance began as a form of insurrection against the Europeans bringing Christianity to the area. 
 "The dance takes the form of a Ritual Battle of endurance
between 2 specialists who perform
acrobatic feats"
while violin and harp
improvise a tune.
If that seems a little intense,
a more friendly version of
was introduced this morning
by my friend Lori Holt
Make sure to run over and see
her latest pattern 
Sewing Scissors
and I'm going to be here,
taking a little time
with my boy
before he heads back to
New York
(and doing my best to subtlety influence him to
job hunt
here in Arizona :)


Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

Congrats to your son (and parents)! Enjoy your visit.

Jana said...

How exciting for you to have your son home! 6 1/2 hours in a museum?! Wow! Sounds like it was a big hit with your son! Congrats on his graduation!

dream quilt create said...

I really love Lori's new scissors pattern! Congratulations to you and your son! He is very handsome and I bet you really miss him :)

Lori Holt said...

Congrats Nedra...that is so awesome!...wouldn't that be great if he found a job there?
Thanks for the shout out on my new pattern:)

Nat Palaskas said...

Congrats Nedra that your son to completed his study. It sounds like a complicated study. That museum sounds fabulous. Enjoy your time with your son - hugs Nat