Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Musical Instrument Museum

As we explore and become more acquainted with Arizona, we have discovered some pretty amazing sites.
At the top of my list for the Phoenix area would be the Musical Instrument Museum, better known as the MIM.
Right up there in caliber with Met Museum in Manhattan, New York.
In my opinion, this is a MUST SEE for every member of the family.

Situated on 20 acres in Scottsdale, the MIM has only been open for 2 years.
It's the biggest museum of it's type in the world, with an expansive collection of over 15,000 musical instruments from 200 countries.
Almost more than a brain can comprehend.
If you go, plan on spending an entire day there.
We spent 5 hours and barely skimmed over quite a few of the exhibit halls.
I want to go back again and again.

The galleries are set up geographically.
For example, this is part of Europe.
Each visitor is given a wireless headset, that tunes into the audio "hotspots" near each display.

Flat screen TV's offer a "listen" to the unique instruments being played, represented by each country.
Such a huge buffet of sound as you walk from display to display!

With so many unique instruments adapted by each culture.
The people of Malta use a Calf Pelt Bagpipe, with a removable horn that can also serve as a weapon.

In Spain, some musicians use a Bone Scrapper, played in conjunction with castanets.

Some instruments are HUGE, like the Octobasse, which was first exhibited at the 1849 French Industrial Exposition in Paris.

And some instruments were very small, like the miniature vessel flutes from Slovenia.

There are large displays that show the construction of Steinway pianos,

and another showing the history of Martin guitars.
I am only giving you little tidbits of an expansive 2 floor, 200,000 square foot museum.
Wear your best walking shoes.

Performances are also offered throughout the day.
We happened to be present on Bastille Day, where a gentleman played music from and lectured on the French Revolution.

There is even an "Experience Gallery" where you can interact with instruments from all over the world.
Of course, Mr. Cactus had to try out the loudest ones.


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How interesting! It looks like a fascinating place.

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