Monday, November 19, 2012

Alissa Goes Modern Quilts

 Alissa brought a few of her
Modern quilts
for Show and Tell
on Saturday.
I love her use of solids
and color placement
on this
Triangle Quilt
 Alissa is one quilter
I watch very closely,
because I
seriously would
like to make
every quilt she makes.
 And she brought an example
for machine quilting
your own quilts
that I had never seen before.
She uses
like a road map
for her quilting lines.
Great idea!!


Needled Mom said...

That solid quilt is lovely and her tape idea is fantastic. I hope she can reuse it!!

fiberchick said...

I love her quilts! Does she have a blog?

Carol said...

This is just genius for machine quilting. I assume she quilts within her painter's tape different designs? Is the area the tape takes up left blank? I love this idea!

Janet said...

Alissa is a natural, what great quilts and a fabulous idea for quilting. Does she quilt straight lines or use the areas inside the tape to quilt stuff in?

Andee said...

I don't know what I was doing when this was going on, but I never even saw this! Very nice.

Unknown said...

Hey Alissa! Wow! You're a quilting machine. You've made an amazing quilts. It's one of a kind and the modern design is just gorgeous.
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Alissa said...

Nedra, I am so flattered! I was just popping into your blog and saw this little post. I'm blushing (seriously).

I use the blue tape as a guide for my walking foot, so when I'm done the quilting lines echo the tape, I remove the tape and voila.

I do not have a blog; I'd rather be sewing ;)

See you at the December meeting!