Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Starting the Lone Starburst Block

 Back  in January 2012
when I saw Anna Politzer's (Six White Horses)
I knew this was a MUST
on my to-do list.
A great way to use up scraps and I love 
the geometric design.
But then, life got busy,
and the project got moved to my
someday pile.
Fast forward to today:
I'm a member of the
Bee's Knees
Quilting Bee
with 11 of the most
wonderful and talented ladies.
Each month one of the members sends us a pattern and
fabric for a block they would like us to make.

 Last month,
 April Rosenthal
 asked that we make her a
Lone Starburst block.
With mixed feelings, I was excited and intimidated all in the same moment.
 My paper piecing skills are somewhat elementary,
so for a month I have
and procrastinated
starting the block.
This is, after all, THE April R.
and I did not want to be the Bee Member
to ruin her beautiful fabrics.
 A fellow bee member, Trish (Notes of Sincerity) came up with a solution to ease my fears.
She suggested making a
as a trial run.
So, I pulled out my scraps and have started putting together
my version of the block.
 Kind of like riding a bike,
paper piecing has come back to me.
 And I love how
this technique
makes all of the sections
line up 
My only complaint with paper piecing
is the waste of fabric.
I am now feeling much more confident
to get a start on April's block.
And I'm having so much fun,
I just may make a few more for myself :)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is a very interesting looking block. I must admit my paper piecing skills are not the greatest. considering one sews on the line they should turn out but somehow I sometimes miss the line!!

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

That's on my bucket list, too. Yours looks great!

Sherri said...

Love your block! I actually made April's block today and need to make at least one for me!

Material Mary said...

beautiful job Nedra. Paper piecing is fun and I know going in it will use up a lot of fabric, but the result is so worth it!!

em's scrapbag said...

It's a beautiful block. I'd make them if I didn't dislike paper piecing so much.

Astrid said...

OOOOOH! What a lovely block! I love paper piecing, but I do not love the waste of fabrics. I try to cut the pieces as small as possible, but it happens I miss and have to start over again - lol.
Have a wonderful weekend!

•stephanie• said...

having seen this block of yours in real life, i can say it was truly beautiful and your work was terrific. you'll have april's done in no time!

Madame Samm said...

ohhh wow, when I first saw that block I thought the same...it is gorgeous and so is your work

Kirsten said...

LOVE this block! I made two and have them stuck on my design wall, but since it was a scrap-busting project(and a rather slow one), they are still friendless. But they are so fun!!