Monday, November 12, 2012

Pat's Flag Quilt

 It's always an honor to see
Pat Roche's
machine quilting
up close.

Flag Quilt
is one of my favorites.
And perfect to show you
in honor of Vetran's Day.


A lot of
ooohing and ahhing
from members of
The Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild
 I was able to bring this beauty home
and finish it up by sewing on the binding.


 I believe Pat said that this motif is
one she designed personally.
 The center red sections are filled with sunbursts and swirls.
 A little bit easier to see on the back
 I placed the quilt on the pool table to gain a perspetive of the overall size.
Pat's interpretation and machine quilting really make this quilt.
You can see why she is an award winning quilter.
Beautifully done!
If you are interested in having Pat quilt your quilts,
she can be reached through
Just Quilting


LynCC said...

Wow! What a stunning Americana quilt. I really love her eagle seal motifs. Thanks for sharing.

Sara said...

I am nearly speechless. This is an amazing quilt - a work of art.

Nat Palaskas said...

Thanks for sharing this Nedra. I love Americana fabric and everything with American flag on them. What a lovely quilt and quilting, breath takingly gorgeous - hugs Nat

Military Challenge Coins said...

Its looking outstanding thanks for sharing and just keep it up.

Stephanie said...

An incredible quilt!