Monday, November 5, 2012

Row Along/ Row 5

 I am so happy :)
I have now caught up with all of the rows that have been revealed so far with
Bee In My Bonnet's
Row 5 is a filler row of
Flying Geese
 A total of 48 bright little flying geese
all stitched together, 
 looking all ready to fly
South for the winter.
Lori offers a great tutorial on the
"Fast Flying Geese Method".
I had never tried this method before, and it was fun
to learn a new technique.
Lori used an Omnigrid Clear Marking Ruler to mark 1/4-inch lines
away from the center of the block.
Because I don't have the ruler, I improvised and used my
 Frixion pen.
After I stitched, the lines disappeared with the touch of an iron.
* if you want to see a little more about the pen
see Sept 3rd post

 With Row 5 sitting next to the previous 4 rows, the quilt is really starting to take shape.
 Lori announced we have some fun rows to look forward to:
flowers, spools, fall leaves, mugs, and  baskets
are coming next!
(along with some filler rows)
A new row will be revealed every 2 weeks.
It's never too late to join in on
The Row Along
Make sure to run over to
for free patterns and tutorials.


•stephanie• said...

those are awfully cute geese.
way to go, speedster.
you're ahead of me.
i've gotta find some time to get those done.
doesn't row six come out this week??

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

looks like it will be a cute quilt. I have not seen that pen with the marks that iron off.

Needled Mom said...

Way to go!!! Great catching up with the group!

Lori Holt said...

Love these Nedra!'re all caught up, I knew you could do it:)...did you like the method?

em's scrapbag said...

Oh I love your geese. And the quilt will be fabulous! All those bright happy fabrics speak to me. :)

Nanette Merrill said...

I'd never tried it either. I asked Lori about it because I hadn't even heard about it, but apparently it had been around for a long time. I took a flying geese class once and it was awful! They were paper pieced. This was easy. Yours are cute.