Friday, November 9, 2012

Row Along/ Row 6 Mugs

 of the
Row Along
Bee In My Bonnet
is now available.
Lori has designed a
comfy Mug
that looks almost ready
to be filled
with hot cocoa.

 My heart goes out to many of you who are suffering
through the cold and stormy weather
taking place in the United States
right now.
You would appreciate the warmth these mugs bring.
and even though it's almost
here in my part of Arizona,
our temps have been in the
80's and we
still have our airconditioner on.
But, I will pull the mugs out soon, because once it drops
below 70 degrees,
bundle up in
heavy coats and sweaters,
and shiver as if we lived
next door to Alaska.
Looked a little comical when I first moved here.
Then my blood thinned,
and I now
Back to the Row Along:
 This pattern is very easy to put together and
sews up quickly.
For the background, I continued
to go scrappy
and to use up what I have
in my stash.
 The only hard decision was to narrow down the fabric selection
to 9 fabrics.
I loved how each one turned out, and could have continued making these by the dozens.
This row made me think of the mug collection
my mother had on our kitchen wall 
when I was a child.
And Row 6  looks happy
laying next to
Rows 1-5
Now  I need to be patient for 2 more weeks
to see what
wonderful creation
Lori will reveal
for Row 7!


Nat Palaskas said...

These are really cute. The colour is yummy too. You did we'll using up your stash - hugs Nat

•stephanie• said...

i see a little heather bailey.
and i love those riley blake umbrellas!
your mugs turned out great.

{i am two rows behind now.}

Needled Mom said...

Very cute mugs. I am already using my mug with our temps heading into the 40s at night.

Gina E. said...

This project is looking better with every row. Altogether fantastic!

Sherri said...

The mugs are so cute!!! We are kind of the same way about the weather here in Nevada...myself included...I love sweaters, so if it drops below 70 it's sweater time!

Melissa said...

Ok,I think I changed myself to a yes-reply. Can you see if you can reply to me? I had no idea....

Nanette Merrill said...

That is so true. I could have continued making them by the dozens. I love yours. I really love your fabrics. You've caught the spirit.