Monday, January 30, 2012

Nancy's Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt

Makes a teacher proud.
When we lived in St. George, Utah I used to teach classes for a wonderful quilt store called Quilted Works.
One of the classes I taught was Grandmother's Flower Garden, which involves making hundreds and hundreds of hexagons and then sewing them together by hand using the English Paper Piecing technique.
GFG's have always had a kind of love/hate type of effect upon quilters.
You love to have a portable, easy- to- do hand type project that can be tucked in a purse and worked on where ever you go.
You hate the time consuming nature of the project, and that it can take years (upon years!) to finish the top.
You love the fact that you can use fabric scraps to make the flowers, and that English Paper Piecing can be quite therapeutic and yet addictive all at the same time.
Back and forth. Back and forth.
I have taught GFG to many students over the years, and in turn have been the the recipient of many wonderful stories and e-mails.
This is the kind of quilt that touches people's hearts, and weaves it's way into your life.
I received a nice e-mail, complete with picture from Nancy M, who will be hand quilting (!) her GFG next!
Applause, applause, clap, clap, clap!
Beautiful job Nancy!

I just had to share my quilt that I finished from the class you
taught at Quilted Works. It turned out so beautiful and I can’t wait to start
hand quilting it.

Thanks for teaching me how to make this. It will be a family treasure for
generations to come.


Unknown said...

Absolutely stunning quilt! Doesn't it just feel great to get these sorts of e-mails from your students? I know for sure that you are top notch teacher!!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Jackie used the perfect word -- stunning. Obviously you were a terrific teacher and Nancy's quilt is a real treasure.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it is beautiful, you can tell she put a lot of work in it.

em's scrapbag said...

WOW!!!! That is wonderful! What a treasure!

life in red shoes said...

What an heirloom, you must be a great teacher!

Nanette Merrill said...

Everyone that makes one of these need some kind of lifetime achievement award.

Cindy said...
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Cindy said...

I'll try again without so many typos! That is one beautiful quilt, I love how she finished it. I don't quite know how I'll finish mine when I get that far. I do like Nancy's.
I haven't worked on my GFG for ages. Seeing a finished quilt just may give me what I need to get back at it. Thanks Nedra for posting Nancy's quilt--I needed it!

Stitching Cow said...

I love your quilt, well done. Yes I am sure that it will be treasured for generations to come.