Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ribbons and Friendship

When I work on the Farmer's Wife blocks, I find myself trying to categorize certain techniques into groupings.
It makes it easier for me to keep things straight in my mind as I sew.

# 74 Ribbons

#39 Friendship
A simple process where a smaller square is sewn to each side of a larger square or rectangle.

Understanding how to draft these is so much fun!
I can't thank Lori Holt enough for showing us her wonderful tutorials on drafting.

I now have 28 Farmer's Wife blocks up on my design wall.
Don't they just look so happy playing together?
Eventually these will all be set on point with sashing in between. I need to start thinking about what fabric will help each one stand out.


Notjustnat said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous blocks Nedra. Your color is my favourite choice. Enjoy Nat

Carol said...

They're wonderful...I love doing the drafting too since Lori got me going. I need to figure out the Friendship one.

karenfae said...

love the color choices. I think the color choices in the book are way too dark! I am going to put white sashing around mine to lighten up more, mine are colorful but I haven't used white.

Meats thats me. :) said...

You are doing amazing with the blocks. Love the scappiness. Way to use up your fabric!!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Very nice Nedra! That project is really coming along. I love this new block you are showing here. I might have to keep that in mind for a future quilt!


Kris said...

Good morning, Nedra - Your blocks look wonderful!! And they are going together so well!! How many blocks in total are there?? Enjoy your day!! Kris

Cindy said...

Wow Nedra, it's look good. So many fun patterns. What's your favorite? Or is it like choosing a favorite child! Have a great week.

Jana said...

Am loving your FW blocks! Do I dare take on another project?! I bought the book last year thinking someday......quit making me think I need to start this! :)