Friday, April 16, 2010

Such A Great Day

With all the furniture pushed aside to allow room for sewing tables, we spent the day yesterday quilting away, and just having "girlfriend time".
Who would have guessed a few years ago, when we all started a quilt blog that it would lead to some of the dearest friendships we would hold closest to our hearts?
So much more than a "project" has been accomplished.
We have shared with each other our life stories and developed a deep bond.

I kept looking over and thinking "Oh! On this side of the room there is cute Lori, and sweet Nanette sitting right here in my sewing room!"

"And on this side of the room, there is beautiful Rae Ann, who is such an example of love and kindness."
How wonderful to be together!

Between all the talking, and eating of wonderful food, we did get in a lot of sewing time.
Nanette and I are working on Kaffe Fassett's Pickle Dish from his book "Quilt Romance". I gave short instuction on how to paper piece the arcs, and she caught on very fast.

Lori worked away making numerous basket blocks for Fresh Vintage from Fig Tree quilts.
Both ladies brought their Featherweights and raved about how much they love the exact stitching they get on these small little antique machines.
Rae Ann completed a new Schnibbles quilt.

When we planned this retreat months ago, I knew it would be around my birthday time, but didn't think much about that part
Having the ladies here made for such a perfect day! What could be better than being with such wonderful friends and quilting the day away?

The ladies showering me with beautiful presents.
Rae Ann gave me this beautiful pitcher filled with fabrics. Perfect colors that match my kitchen. She also treated us all to dinner tonight at a local Mexican restaurant. (You should have seen Mr. Cactus sitting there with a whole table of ladies who talked quilting. He was a great sport).

A few months ago I saw a picture of this platter at Ikea. I even down loaded the photo into my favorites. But I don't live near an Ikea, so I've only had the picture to enjoy. Imagine my surprise when I received this from Nanette! She must be psychic!
I also received another wonderful present from Nanette, but I can't show you a picture until this fall when her pattern line will be revealed at Market.

Lori always gives me the most beautiful fabrics! I always love everything she selects! This line is Faye Burgos for Marcus Fabrics. And she also gave me a gift certificate to one of my most favorite quilt stores "Material Girls". (Look out Nadine, here I come!)
Our girlfriend Judi couldn't join us because she is in the middle of planning a wedding, plus she will be joining me for another event in a few weeks. (We have to pick and choose how many get aways we can attend!)
She sent me this beautiful Frankoma pottery salt and pepper shakers she had found at antique store. You can see by the colors they match my kitchen granite perfectly.
Wish you were with us Judi!
Thank you all for the gifts and for making my day so delightful!!


Jewel said...

Happy Birthday Nedra. You are blessed with such good friends.

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

What a wonderful day indeed, thanks for sharing.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

How fun! Happy birthday! :-)

Material Mary said...

What a fun time!! Love the bird plate--that is stunning.

Sequana said...

Well.....Happy Birthday a day late...

You look like you have such good times at your getaways. Makes me jealous. :(

Lovely presents for a lovely woman. *S*

Jana said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you are having a great day (week)!

Dawn said...

I didn't realize it was your Birthday Nedra!! Happy Birthday!! It was a great day of getting together with friends!

Sherri said...

Your birthday was yesterday???!!! Happy birthday! I feel terrible that I didn't know! It was such a wonderful day today sewing...truly a room full of so much talent! Thanks so much for getting us all together!

Kim Walus said...

Yes, it definitely looks like a GREAT Day. Happy Birthday Nedra!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

"Happy Birthday," Nedra, and what a great way to spend your day with friends and sewing. Beautiful gifts.

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Thanks for sharing your special day with us Nedra. Quilting (and blogging) really does bring people together, how fortunate we are. I'm so glad you all had a wonderful time (great pressies too!) xo

Pots and Pins said...

Okay I'm super jealous! I want to be in your group!!! It looked like so much fun - and I love the pickle dish quilt - can't wait to see it finished! What a great group of time you decide to me, can I just come and be a fly on the wall? xo, Nan

Anonymous said...

So fun! A friend and I just bought that same tray from Ikea on Saturday.
Robinww, so. IN