Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cute As A Button

On my post of 4/18/09 I wrote about shopping with Nanette of Freda's Hive. She saw this fabric and suggested how wonderful it would be to use for covered buttons. I bought a yard too because I trust Nanette to know fabric potential.
That experience created a button addiction that is in full swing.
On my post of 4/29/08 I expressed concern that I might need some kind of a self help group in the future.
Nanette did a tutorial on covered buttons and sent us to a site where we can buy the pieces in bulk. I immediately ordered 100 size 60 (1 1/2") because they were less expensive per button when purchased in 100. I went to www.coverbuttons.com
*Make sure to order the gadget to put them together. It's sold separately.
One hundred buttons sounded like so many at the time. Now I'm wondering if I will need more.
I'm having too much fun.
It's an illness, I tell you.
I saw this fabric and thought of my girlfriend Judi who has, as she says "A Shoe Disorder".
I saw her last weekend when I was in Salt Lake and gave her these.
I made one into a pin by gluing a clasp on the back.
Think of all the places to use buttons and clasps. The possibilities are endless.
These came from a small swatch of vintage fabric.
I am looking at all of my quilt fabric with a different eye. This was in my stash. I see new potential, don't you?
I even have friends who are supplying my addiction. Ricci brought this back from a trade show.
This just came in the mail from my friend Janean who reads my blog and knows what I like.
Aren't these people called ENABLERS?
(Stop. Don't. Stop. Don't stop.)
I'm still not sure what I am going to do with all these buttons. Some will go on purses. Some will go on baby dresses. Some will be given away to friends.
For now they are going into this beautiful white dish that Judi gave me for my birthday.
I think they look happy just playing together.


Jocelyn said...

These all turned out so adorable! Great job.

SewCalGal said...

I love your buttons. I haven't seen fabric buttons since I was a kid. Your buttons are so cute.

What about fabric flowers with the button as the center? Night time sleeping masks with the buttons for eyes? Or, more traditional use, on a purse? What ever you decide I'm sure they'll be lovely. And I hope you post back what you decide to do with them.

I can't wait to make some now. Thanks for sharing.


Abby and Stephanie said...

Well I say put them all in a pretty glass jar and admire them as art!

dotti white said...

These are so so precious! I know that if I got started I could be in the same boat. Thanks for sharing the cuteness! Have a great week!

Melissa Jordan said...

Glue some big magnets on the back and make cute refrigerator magnets. My daughter took some I made to school for her locker!

Helen said...

Ohmygosh...I think I might be catching your "addiction". They are gorgeous!!!

I may have to make a purchase of buttons to cover in the not-too-distant future!!

Thanks for sharing.


Joanna said...

I agree with Stephanie - just a big jar full of them would look awesome!

Clint said...

So cute! It makes me want to make a whole bunch of buttons. If I just had some time to do that.

May Britt said...

I remember my mother made buttons like this when I was a little child. But have never seen them after that. It looks like fun!!!! And yours are soooooo cute. Love those with shoes on :)

Janet said...

That's an addiction all right. You'll never us them all so keeping them to look and enjoy will be nice. They could be used for game pieces.

Unknown said...

You really did see the potential! Every single button is just so adorable. You can't lose with anyone of them!

Eileen said...

What a fun new hobby! I love every button.. and those shoe ones are terrific! How hard is it to put the pinbacks on there? I think that is such a clever idea, and the possibilities WOULD be endless. Who wouldn't want a button pin of their favoite thing? Such a cute idea!

Material Mary said...

Oh boy are you having fun. The buttons are fab if I say so myself. Keep up the addiction. It is fat free and harmless.

Sherri said...

Your buttons look great! I really am afraid to order 100...I think I'll do what you did if I do...and just keep making buttons!

Micki said...

I love your buttons and will ahve to try to make some...looks like so much fun!

Latane Barton said...

What an amazing thing you have created.... and as you said, an addiction for sure. They are just lovely.

Stitched With Prayer said...

You know...the teacher in one of my BOM classes is always raving about covered buttons and how fun they can be but she has never used this type of fabric to make them with. They were usually one of the fabrics used on the project and mostly solid colors. When I read your post today my jaw dropped. They are SO CUTE and just so bright and cheerful. Suddenly I can think of sooooooo many uses for them. You have me sold. I don't know whether to say thank you or not, LOL. You know that you have just become and 'enabler' yourself don't you? I guess I'm off to the quilt shops tomorrow to find the supplies and some fun fabrics. I'll be sure to let my hubby know that you pointed me in this direction...he will be so thrilled. **wink** But really, thank you for the wonderful ideas. Geez...animal prints, bug prints, flowers, polka dots, ummmm, maybe I'll go to the quilt shop now, I think they are open till 10 pm!!!!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Must make buttons!!!

Aubrey said...

wow! Mom these are so cute! I have no idea what I would do with buttons but I love them.

Nanette Merrill said...

You explained exactly how I feel about making covered buttons. I have stuff to make pins. I just need to do it. I love to make covered buttons. In fact I reward myself as a treat to just sit down and make some when I need some "therapy". I just get so much pleasure out of making a button. Weird but I'm glad you understand. I bought some jars at Ikea and have my buttons in those. They are like jars of jewels. That vintage fabric with the buttons is so so adorable!