Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Button, Button, Who Has The Button?

It all started out very innocently. I went to the Bryce Retreat and purchased a kit to make Nanette's (of Freda's Hive) bag.

I think I was OK at that point.

Inside my kit was a very cute covered button. In fact, I think I picked that particular kit because of the button.

My friend Judi had a very cute button inside her kit, too.

(*Michael Millers "Lava Bloom")
Then Nanette came into town, and we went shopping to some quilt stores together. She bought a yard of this fabric and pointed out how nicely it would make up into covered buttons. I bought a yard too, because deep down inside I am such a Nanette wannabe.
I think I was still OK at that point.

Then she did a tutorial HERE on how to make covered buttons, and showed the finished project.

She even put them together into a lovely jar.
Right then I knew I was in deep trouble. Is there a self help group out there for "Covered-button's -aholics?"
Every piece of fabric I look at now, I ask myself "Could I make a button out of that?"
I never used to have this problem.
(*I got these vintage fabrics from James Carroll Antiques of Anaconda, MT when they had a booth at our quilt show.
I'm a little late for the teapot exchange. Can't you just see in your mind Nanette's purse made out of various teapot fabrics, with a teapot button bringing them all together?
I especially liked the "sun", although the other designs are nice too.
Wonderland by MoMo for Moda Fabrics
(*Fresh Paint by Michele D' Amore for Marcus Fabrics)
Now I have my friends out scouting for me too. Ricci just spent two weeks traveling with Superior Threads to trade shows. At Paducah she saw this fabric and said "Buttons!".
Oh no, will she need a self help group too?

I have been buying the covered button packs here and there at Joann's with my coupons. But then when Nanette did her tutorial, she gave us a resource to buy them at a less expensive price in BULK.
You can find them HERE.
Somebody stop me.


Dolores said...

And sooooooo what were you going to use the buttons for? Put them in a jar and look at them? I can see it now - all your clothing and all your linens will have holes in them... Calm down girl.

Janet said...

I can understand it, now I think I'm going to have to get some lava bloom.

Karen said...

Ohhhhhhh call the doctor definately have BUTTON FEVER!!! and I haven't heard of a cure, so I guess you'll just have to keep making buttons buttons and more buttons. Don't ya just love Nanette;)

Micki said...

It looks like you have been bitten by the bug and there is no anecdote.LOL

Unknown said...

OOOOO how I loved that fabric that you and Nanette purchased and then when she had the buttons made up, well. You know what happens then. Your mind gets going and just like you said, things start happening

Eileen said...

Oh this is just too funny! You are hooked! I have never made a covered button. But I have tons of those packets of silver buttons to cover.. been collecting them for years. Along with everything else.. ha-ha. Now you will need to start making them and show us your product!

Thanks so much about the Superior Threads. I do need to start getting good needles and threads.. and it's good to know where to order them. :-) And know someone who can help me when I get stuck. :-)

Material Mary said...

Great resources and buttons. I love the information.


Elizabeth said...

There must be something going around because I got bitten by this bug a few days ago too! I made a button for a pincushion and now want to find patterns with buttons so just so I can make more! I love to see all your button fabric!

Lynn S. said...

VERY CUTE! Love those first ones and now will have to hunt for the fabric myself! YOU started a worldwide epidemic too I think?? ha!

Dawn said...

I totally understand!! I purchased two packages from JoAnns myself!! Help you???...who is going to help me??? LOL!! PS I went to Tai Pan and bought a jar to put them in!!

Live Well With Judi said...

Oh this is too funny! In the back of my mind, I'm hearing a little voice saying, "if you can't beat em, join em". Oh I need to run out and get some fabric and a cute jar! Hugs

Sherri said...

I need to be in a button addiction recoery group as well...except I don't want to recover!!! Is Nanette's source cheaper than Joann's with a coupon?

amy smart said...

Cute, cute buttons. Thanks for the bulk link. I'm going to try to restrain myself, but I may need to join the support group pretty soon.

Nanette Merrill said...

hahaha, you are too sweet to me. covered buttons ARE addicting! I don't know why but each is like a little work of art. It is fun to think what would look good in a covered button. It is so fun.

Lynn S. said...

Oh back to these really cute buttons again! Ha! I came across this site this morning..Now WHY would I think of you??

Have a GREAT Mothers Day weekend! Love your blog and check almost daily!