Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter.

I hope everyone had a chocolate bunny in their basket. Did you bite the ears off first?

We went to church this morning, and enjoyed one of the most wonderful programs I've ever heard. In our church, all the participation is volunteer and comes from the members of our congregation. Today we were privileged to hear various musical numbers performed by young and old. All were beautiful tributes to the Savior.

After church we came home and Mr. Cactus had hidden Paul's Easter basket. I even tried to help him find it. We hunted high and low, and still couldn't find it. At that point Paul hid Mr. Cactus' Palm Organizer, and said "Happy Easter Dad". Those two boys. I don't know what I'm going to do with them.

Eventually the Easter Basket was found. Mr. Cactus' thought he was very clever to hide it inside some of my quilts.
When Mr. Cactus was growing up he had 8 brothers and sisters. His mother had to be very creative to hide that many baskets around the house. One year he found his basket inside the washing machine. Another year it was in the freezer.

Did you have a wonderful dinner today with family?
We missed our children who live out of state, and are so happy to at least have Paul at home.
We invited Ricci and Sam over for the traditional ham dinner, and enjoyed sharing the evening with our dear friends.

It's been a wonderful weekend. In conjunction with our Quilt Show, my quilting friend Janean and her husband Ralph came and stayed with us.

Janean brought me these wonderful fudge Easter eggs. She and her sisters make these every year. She said one year they made 10,000 together. Huh? I kept thinking I heard her wrong. I can 't even comprehend that much fudge.

She also brought me this very cool quilt tool. These are tweezers that help with the placement of small applique pieces as they are being glued down.
Thank you for all my lovely presents Janean!

Janean's husband Ralph owns a cabinet company in the Salt Lake area. He made 60 of these lap boards for one of her quilting groups, and generously donated them free of charge. Then he made 30 more for another quilt she belongs to. What a supportive husband! When we were at the Bryce retreat this year, Janean provided more lap boards for the door prizes.
Ricci and I try not to covet, but we coveted the boards. I've never wanted to win a door prize so much in my life. Ralph was nice enough to make some more, and we are now happy girls.
Aren't these lap boards wonderful? They are just the perfect size to fit across the arms of a chair. I can use it for my lap top computer, or as a work station for applique.
This quilting world brings us in contact with so many generous and giving people. Thank you again Janean and Ralph.


Kim Walus said...


I was the lucky recipient of one of those lap boards and I was soooo excited when she gave it to me. I think we were all hyperventilating, thinking, really, you want to give me one, and for free. I was sooo grateful. My kids have already tried to take it from me. I'm keeping a close eye on it and I use it often.

If you could thank her again for me or better yet, if you could get me their address so I could send a thank you, I'd appreciate that, thanks.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday.

Hugs, Kim

Material Mary said...

What a fun idea the lap board is. Sounds like your Easter went well. It went well up North here as well. Have a great day.

Micki said...

The lap board is a wonderful idea! Loved all of the pics!

Carol said...

Glad you had a wonderful day...that Lap Board is just about the most wonderful thing I've seen. I'd come from Florida to get my name in the door prize drawing...LOL! And those tweezers are great...

Sherri said...

So you did get a lap board! Yay for you! I bet you are ready for a relaxing week after your quilt show!

Nanette Merrill said...

Can you believe Janean's husband made 60 of these for us. We felt like we were at an Oprah giveaway. Oh the screaming. She's such a lovely gal. We share some wonderful friends Nedra. Cute Easter news. I do the progream in our ward and when I typed it up they didn't even have Easter songs on the program. I changed that pretty quick. Sadly our ward has never done much for Easter. We had a missionary homecoming. Yes the topic was Christ but I felt like I was missing something. When I was growing up we always had a big program with lots of participation. It made Easter special and made us remember more. Sigh. Oh well. The cookie cutter is darling.